Monday, April 4, 2011

FRANCE - Paris accused of wanting to carve Libya

Dissonant voices that are heard emphatically in the coalition led military strikes on Libya, demanding that the formal command of the operations is entrusted to NATO, when the Americans who assume since the start of those will decide to hand. These dissonances are indicative of the hostility that marked the European members of the coalition to the French claim to lead the operations.

Hostility is not warranted by the only argument the better coordination that NATO could print their direction. In fact, these states do not want a French leadership, as it claims to Nicolas Sarkozy in the principle that his country is the one who initiated the most important contribution to military operations by the coalition.

A Libyan rebel leader was imprisoned in Guantanamo

London. .- A senior military commander of the rebels fighting the Libyan regime of Muammar Gaddafi was incarcerated at the U.S. detention center at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, said Monday the British newspaper The Telegraph. Rebel fighters recruited in the port city of Derna, on the east, are receiving military training Sufyan bin Qumu, a Libyan who was arrested after the U.S.

Bangladesh Islamists protest the new rights to women

Dozens of people were injured and 50 others were arrested by police in Bangladesh, on Monday, during clashes that the police staged with demonstrators protesting the government gives more power to women in this country, mostly Muslim. The agents fired tear gas and used batons and water cannons to disperse activists who had barricaded the main highway linking the capital, Dhaka, the Bangladesh's main port, Chittagong.

UNUSUAL - Mandela, very fashionable

46664: it was the badge of Nelson Mandela on Robben Island. It is now the name of his label. Foundation of former South African president starts in fashion with a line called 46664 Apparel. The collections, which will initially be distributed locally, should fund its charitable programs. The hero of the anti-apartheid spent 27 years behind bars.

He was the 466th prisoner and was incarcerated in 1964, recalls the African Business Review.

Are bodies in the wreckage of the car found the flight Rio-Paris, 2009

Paris .- Researchers have found human remains among the parts of the fuselage of the A330-200 cockpit found on Sunday in Brazilian waters during the fourth phase of search to locate the black boxes of Air France plane that fell into the Atlantic while covering the Rio de Janeiro route to Paris on June 1, 2009.

In the crash of Flight AF447 killed 228 of 32 different nationalities, including 61 French and 58 Brazilians. As reported by French newspaper latribune, Minister of Ecology and Transportation gala, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, said that "the plane did not explode" because they have found remains intact cabin unit, where "there are bodies inside," one of them "recognizable." The Minister, as Secretary of State for Transport, Thierry Mariani, have refused to make public the number of bodies found in the wreckage of the fuselage because the data "saved for the families of the victims", as indicated Mariani , for whom the discovery of the remains has been "a surprise." For its part, Air France has described as "very good news," the finding of a section of the fuselage as it gives hope to gather information to clarify the causes of the crash.

Obama announced this week his candidacy for re-election

The U.S. president, Barack Obama, will announce, probably on Monday, his intention to run for reelection in 2012, according to Democratic sources quoted Sunday by several U.S. media. The CNN television network said the team will direct the campaign will present the necessary documents to the Federal Election Commission.

"Obama launched his bid when consolidating economic recovery and the Republican Party has a set of would-be candidate who is weak and fractured," said the newspaper Politico. If the Obama campaign is recorded this week will be a little earlier than usual for an incumbent president and give the advantage to start fundraising in what promises to be the most expensive campaign in U.S.

LIBYA - The African friends Gaddafi

Liberia, Madagascar, through South Africa, the Libyan leader has stepped up investments and distributed money to various organizations and groups. Enough to guarantee him broad popular support and connivance of several leaders of the continent.

Mubarak denied that Egypt is in Germany

Cairo. .- The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces of Egypt denied today that the president Hosni Mubarak has left the country for Germany, as previously reported the Qatari television network Al Jazeera. A military source quoted by the official MENA news agency, denied that Mubarak, who is banned from leaving Egypt, has gone to Germany, saying the disclosure by a satellite channel is untrue.

Yemeni police returned fire on the demonstrators, killing one person

Two Yemeni demonstrators were killed in Yemen on Sunday after being shot dead by police in the town of Taiz, south of Sana'a, the capital of Saudi Arabia. Dozens of people were injured on Sunday during protests against President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Witnesses say that in a desperate attempt to disperse the marchers, police used live ammunition and tear gas.

Hospital sources say that around 10 people had been hit by bullets, while the majority (about 70) were suffering from tear gas asphyxiation. However, agents also used batons to beat people. For his part, Ali Abdullah Saleh has called on opponents to surrender their objectives and to end the weeks of protests.

SWEDEN - Holidays in the municipal councils

Since the elections in September 2010, 17% of elected party xenophobic Sverigedemokraterna [Sweden Democrats] have left their seats in municipal councils, reports the Dagens Nyheter. Threats and harassment are the main cause of these defections from the party. Currently, 16 seats are vacant Sverigdemokraterna in municipal councils.

A double suicide bombing in Pakistan kills 50 people

Islamabad. .- At least 50 people were killed and 110 wounded in a double suicide attack on a Sufi shrine in central Pakistan, said a police source told Efe. Two suicide bombers entered the temple of Sakhi Sarwar, dedicated to the Sufi saint of the same name and located near the town of Multan in eastern Punjab province, and detonated the explosive vest carrying.

Thousands of devotees had come to the site to honor the saint within a traditional annual festival to three days. The police source consulted by Efe said one of the terrorists broke into the sanctuary through a back door. A source from the rescue services, Mohamed Ahsan, the faithful stood at 30 dead because of the attack and more than a hundred wounded, according to Geo TV channel.

A Spanish in Abidjan: This is terrible. We feel real panic

The situation in Ivory Coast is getting even tougher at times and the Spanish living in Abidjan, the country's administrative capital, are entrenched in their homes for four days. "This is terrible. We feel real panic," said a Spanish resident of the city that prefers to remain anonymous. "The whole house rumbles by the shooting and explosions.

Two crystals have broken my house," he said. At his residence, are also four service people who do not feel safe in their homes. The five are sleeping in the kitchen as far away as they can from the windows, as they have been advised by the embassy. The food they were running out - "we are pulling cans that were stored" - and cut off running water a few hours ago, but he filled the bathtub last night that would not be without supply.

SAUDI ARABIA - Municipal elections coming

The Saudi government announced that the second municipal elections in the history of the country would be held on April 23, reports Al-Watan. They would normally be held two years ago already, but had been repeatedly rejected, the argument need to improve the regulation and possibly prepare the ballot for women.

This will still not the case. Remember that only half of the municipal councils are elected, the other being appointed, and that these councils have little power. The announcement comes a phase of great uncertainty, both regional and domestic, to Saudi Arabia. Last week, the king has promised for the second time the distribution of public money to the people and the creation of tens of thousands of posts, including the police.

Three killed in Afghanistan on the third day of protests by the burning of the Koran

Kabul. .- Three people were killed and dozens wounded in Afghanistan on the third day of protests against the burning of a Quran in a U.S. church, which cost more than a dozen lives since Friday. Between 3,000 and 4,000 people took to the streets in the provinces of Nangarhar (east), Kapisa (center), Kandahar (south), Badakhshan (northeastern) and Parwan (north), Efe said spokesman Afghan Interior Ministry, Zemarai Bashary.

The pros say Ouattara Gbagbo has suffered a crushing defeat

Surely it will take time until the world knows the reality of what is happening these days in Ivory Coast, where violence after the elections of November 2010 has worsened. Fighting between supporters of Alassane Ouattara, whom the international community recognizes as the winner of the presidential election and those loyal to outgoing President Laurent Gbagbo, who refuses to relinquish power, and have claimed countless victims.

Germany - Joschka Fischer denounced the abstention

"The foreign policy of Germany is a farce, abstention in the Security Council outrageous misconduct, denounces the former Foreign Minister Schröder government, Joschka Fischer, the Süddeutsche Zeitung. "Let it not equate the failure of Russia and China to that of Berlin in the first case, waive the veto was a de facto agreement to the military intervention in the case of Germany, abstention is equivalent to a non-law since the country has no right of veto and is moreover a core member of NATO and the EU.

Adams said that Sinn Féin veterans are "outraged" by the attack

London. .- The Sinn Féin leader, Gerry Adams, said today that his party veterans are "outraged" by the killing on Saturday of a young Catholic policeman, apparently by a breakaway faction of the IRA. "They have to stop that and stop now, "Adams said, addressing those who" planned, executed or protection "these terrorist acts, seeking" useless "to torpedo the peace process in the province.

"There should be a low tolerance, no justification for what happened," said Irish nationalist leader, who described the attack with a sticky bomb that blew up the police to your car, totally "futile." Adams said that what happened should not deter anyone from participating in the forthcoming elections in the province because, he explained, should not allow these individuals to "mark the political agenda" and interfere "with the peaceful, democratic process of tolerance and harmony "between the Protestant and Catholic.

Found dead two operators of TEPCO missing in tsunami

Two workers missing in the rugged Fukushima nuclear power in Japan have been found dead, according to Japanese news agency Kyodo, citing sources of TEPCO, the operator of the plant. The bodies have been found in the premises of the enclosure. The workers, aged between 20 and 30, were missing from the day of the earthquake and were in the room when the giant wave hit the coast.

Moreover, the death toll has left a devastating earthquake and tsunami of March 11 has now reached 12,009 and 15,472 are still missing, according to the latest count of Japan's police. In addition, about 170,000 people are in some 2,200 refugees, mostly from coastal towns in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima, the three provinces hardest hit by the disaster.

DIVORCE - The trunk of memories of love broken

The license plate is all that remains of their small yellow polo. But it's not just the car that crashed into the bed of the Miljacka, it's their love that has been precipitated to the bottom of the river that runs through Sarajevo. They survived the accident but it was not the case of the couple. Their relationship began when he bought his first car.

They traveled hundreds of miles together, they went to the sea and the mountains, visited countless places in their little yellow jalopy. The love story that sums up this license plate is now, like many others in the Museum of Broken Love Zagreb. Olinka Vistica and Drazen Grubisic had the idea to found such a place in 2006, at the time of their separation.

Two U.S. military killed in Iraq

Baghdad. .- Two U.S. soldiers have died in Iraq by "indirect fire", a term used by the U.S. military to describe rocket or mortar attacks. These two deaths have been reported by the U.S. Army itself, which does not give more details about the incident. Moreover, two policemen, a soldier and a civilian were also wounded on Saturday by the explosion of a limpet bomb placed on a vehicle in an Iraqi Army security checkpoint located in the city of Ramadi, west of Baghdad.

A Catholic dies after police detonated a limpet bomb under his car in Northern Ireland

A police officer died Saturday in the explosion of a limpet bomb attached to the underside of a car in a residential area of the Northern Irish town of Omagh, a hundred miles from Belfast, Northern Ireland. The officer, a Catholic named Ronan Kerr, was preparing to go to work at a police station of Ulster (PSNI) when, at 4 pm local time (17 hours Spanish) exploded the artifact.

At only 25 years, only very recently that it had completed the training phase, according to some British media. So far no organization has claimed responsibility for the attack although the type of explosive is one normally used by IRA dissident Republicans, according to police sources have said.

JAPAN - Electricity Fukushima Daiichi

The main title of the day is the return of electricity to the central Fukushima Daiichi, which was private since the earthquake and tsunami of 11 March. "The light came back into the control room of reactor No. 3," welcomes the daily Tokyo. However, all problems are far from settled. Although the return of electricity throughout the nuclear installation is a good thing, it is now that the technicians are able to restart the cooling system.

Clinton again calls for Gbagbo to leave power

NEW YORK. .- The Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has reiterated its call to the outgoing president of the Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo, to give up power and put an end to the political crisis unleashed armed clashes following the disputed elections in November . "Gbagbo is leading Ivory Coast to chaos," said Clinton.

"You must leave now so you can close the conflict," he said in remarks carried by CNN. The U.S. diplomat also spoke of the atrocities allegedly perpetrated by the rebels allied to the rival of Gbagbo, the president-elect, Alassane Ouattara. "I call on the forces of President Ouattara to respect the rules of war and disrupt attacks against civilians," he added.

The Government recognizes that there will be radioactive leaks for several months

Although last Friday Japanese Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, changed the overalls for a suit that indicated a change in the Japanese crisis, this Sunday the government has warned that it may take "several months" before the cessation of radioactive leaks Fukushima plant. According to local agency Kyodo reported, the government has assured that it is inevitable that the battle is "long".

The minister spokesman Yukio Edan, quoted by Kyodo, also said that the government looks to increase aid to evacuees in the vicinity of the plant, which has declared an exclusion zone within a radius of 20 kilometers. More than three weeks after the great earthquake that sparked the nuclear crisis, the workers continue their work day and night to control four of six reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi plant whose cooling system was damaged by the tsunami that followed the quake.

PHILIPPINES - The head of the anticorruption liable to impeachment

What's the daily Manila, deputies shook their fists in victory. On 22 March, by 212 votes against 43, the Philippine Parliament voted in favor of the dismissal of Merceditas Gutierrez, head of the anti-corruption agency. The motion of impeachment must now pass the Senate. Merceditas Gutierrez is accused of having stifled the corruption investigations launched against Gloria Arroyo.

His conviction that would open the way for lawsuits against the former president.

Gaddafi's troops leave 32 dead in a raid on a rebel enclave

Algiers / Rome. .- At least 32 people have died and dozens were injured in the last few hours, during an offensive by forces loyal to Muammar al-Gaddafi at Kotla, a town southeast of Tripoli controlled by the rebels, reported the chain Al Arabiya television. Gadafistas troops continued this morning with the attack that began yesterday, said a resident of the Arab broadcaster.

According to witnesses, government forces launched the offensive from the entrance east of the city, using heavy artillery and Grad rocket launcher batteries this morning, Gaddafi's men attacked from the west, firing indiscriminately at everything that moved in residential neighborhoods, said the source.

Sarkozy, the relief of all international crises

A Monsieur le Président is building up the work. And not only at home, where his party has just suffered a major setback in the cantonal elections, but the crisis that shook the international news. This Friday, Nicolas Sarkozy held talks with President-elect Alassane Ouattara, Ivory Coast ... from Japan, which has become the first head of state to visit the country after the earthquake.

Libya does not forget ... Weakened at home, but grew up in the diplomatic arena, 'Sarko' started the week with the Libyan crisis, in which France has taken the reins of the international coalition from the beginning, at the low U.S. interest. On Monday, President Gallo and 'premier' David Cameron, proposed his 'political solution' to Libya, with a view to meeting the next day would be held in London.

CUBA - Fidel Castro ready to endorse the withdrawal?

"I have long lent my services to the revolution, never shirk the risks or violate constitutional principles, ideological or ethical. I regret not being in better health to continue to serve." Three weeks before the opening of the Congress of the Communist Party, Fidel Castro seems to pave the way for his succession.

In "Reflections" published on the front of the press Castro on March 22, it provides for the first time he has no official function since 2006.

French troops take control of Abidjan airport

Paris. .- The troops of the French Licorne mission, in coordination with the United Nations mission in Côte d'Ivoire (UNOCI) today took control of Abidjan's international airport, said the French Army General Staff. France has also added 300 troops to the 1,100 that had already deployed in the Ivorian economic capital, where his troops are patrolling their neighborhoods expatriates and support the work of UNOCI.

Saudi Arabia announces that more than 5,000 detainees will be tried on terrorism charges

The Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia has announced that a total of 5,080 persons arrested for alleged terrorists will be brought before the courts for trial, according to the Saudi official news agency SPA. That ministry spokesman Mansour al-Turki said in a statement to Saudi television that the Department of Research and Application "indicated that 5,080 detainees have completed the investigative stages, so will the trial stage." The Saudi official recalled that the state agency said earlier that these people are involved in activities of the "deviant group (of religion)," referring to the Saudi branch of Al Qaeda terrorist network.

YEMEN - President Saleh warns against civil war

"Those who attempt to seize power through coups should know that it's impossible. The country will become unstable, there will be a civil war, bloody war," said Ali Abdullah Saleh, March 22. Yemen's president, increasingly isolated, has proposed to leave office in January 2012, a deadline considered too distant from the opposition, which continues to demand his immediate departure.

New calls have been launched to protest March 25, writes the information site of Sanaa.

Syria's president appoints new prime minister

Cairo. .- Syrian President Bashar al-Assad ordered the former Minister Adel Safar today the formation of a new government, five days after the resignation of Mohamed Naji Otri Executive, amid a wave of protests, according to official news agency Syrian SANA. The agency merely reported that al-Assad issued a presidential order to instruct Safar, who was the agriculture portfolio in the previous Cabinet, to form a new government.

Fukushima focuses its efforts at the crack of concrete well reactor 2

Japanese workers in the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, struggling to end the nuclear crisis of the world's worst since Chernobyl, are focusing on closing a crack in a concrete well reactor 2 by the radioactivity seeping into the ocean. The operator Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) said he had found a crack of 20 inches that was leaking water into the reactor No.

2 nuclear plant, a measure of 1,000 mSv of radiation per hour in the air into the well. "With the increase in radiation levels in the seawater near the plant, we tried to confirm the reason and this could be the source," said Hidehiko Nishiyama, a spokesman for the Agency for Nuclear and Industrial Safety (NISA) of Japan.

PORTUGAL - Last act for Prime Minister José Sócrates

And here comes "the day the government could fall," as the Lisbon daily. Parliament, where the minority government has to decide on 23 March on the budget austerity of socialist Prime Minister. Socrates has already announced he would seek early elections if his program was not adopted, even though he was welcomed by the Commission and the European Central Bank.

After Ireland, the Portuguese government would be the second to fall in Europe because of the crisis.

Berslusconi travel to Tunisia to try to stop immigration

Rome. .- The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi Monday morning travel to Tunisia to discuss the emergency situation created by immigration and seek the cooperation of the Tunisian authorities for the repatriation of the approximately 20,000 illegal immigrants arriving on Italian shores in month and a half.

According to sources told Efe the government, Berlusconi is scheduled to meet with Tunisian Prime Minister, Said Beyi Essebsi, and the President Fouad Mebazaa, to pass on concerns about the migration issue. Berlusconi will travel accompanied by Interior Minister Roberto Maroni. The head of Italy will propose to the Government of Tunisia Tunisian repatriation hundred a day with the delivery of "financial support" for the reintegration of immigrants in their own country.

The police stopped a march against the reelection of Daniel Ortega

Finally, thousands of protesters against the reelection of Daniel Ortega have only been able to advance about 500 meters due to strong police enforcement. The march was organized to protest the presidential candidacy of the leader of the FSLN, which considered doubly unconstitutional for violating Article 147 of the Constitution, which prohibits continuous reelection and who has served for two terms.