Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More than 150,000 people attended a march against violence in Oslo

More than 150,000 people participated in the "March of the Roses" in Oslo and other Norwegian cities to honor the 76 people killed in the twin bombings on Friday in the capital and the social democratic youth camp. In Oslo, people marched with torches and flowers in the center of the capital, near where the car bomb exploded, led by Crown Prince Haakon and the Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg on Labour.

U.S. debt, Obama fight opposition

Reducing the deficit. At any cost. Barack Obama in a speech to the nation, stresses the importance of a debt agreement. He explained that if this impasse continues, "will produce incalculable damage." The American president is concerned, "we have the world's eyes on him." Reaches out to Republicans, Ronald Reagan quotes, and just asks the Americans to press Congress to break the deadlock.

Malta's parliament finally approved a divorce law

The Maltese parliament Monday approved final divorce law, which, once it occurs the passage of the rule by the country's president, George Abela, Malta will be the only state in the European Union that does not include this legal. According to the newspaper 'Times of Malta', with 52 votes in favor, 11 against and five abstentions, the House of Representatives gave its approval to a rule that already favored the Maltese on 28 May referendum more than 52 percent consensus.

Horn of Africa: Deadly Consequences

Twelve million people are affected by food shortages in East Africa, hundreds of thousands are threatened by death, tens of thousands are already starved out - the numbers are bad. The situation remains dramatic even when the numbers are exaggerated by interested parties in fact.

Equally exaggerated perhaps, as the sums of money were needed to alleviate the distress. That urgently needs to be helped - which can be helped - that is beyond question. Not sure this also has two faces; drought is not the same drought. Again, it is clear that it has deadly consequences when functioning state structures are missing, if there are no governments have for gangs and Islamist militias in control.

Norwegian police cut to 76 victims in the twin bombings

Oslo. .- The Norwegian police today revised downward the total number of victims of the twin bombings occurred last Friday. While so far estimated at 93 fatalities, the security forces have reduced the number to 76 because, as mentioned, the difficulty in collecting the information coming from the island of Utoya, where the most deadly was.

Specifically, the Norwegian police on Monday has reduced from 86 to 68 the number of people killed by gunfire from the island of Utoya and raised seven to eight the number of fatalities in the bomb attack against the registered office Government in Oslo, which reduces from 93 to 76 the definitive statement of the dead, reports the BBC.

Templar inspired Breivik fanaticism

In his manifesto published on the Internet, the author of the attacks in Oslo itself as a "Knight Templar" and says that the legendary military order to this day shrouded in mystery, was relaunched recently as nine years in London with order to eliminate Islam in Europe. After seven centuries of the dissolution of the Order of the Temple, its self-proclaimed successors are hundreds, beyond Behring Norwegian Anders Breivik.