Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WHO rules out health risks outside the nuclear zone

The World Health Organization (WHO) has come out against rumors that suggest that a radioactive cloud moving to Asia, and is causing alarm in several countries. According to the agency, currently there is no evidence that there has been a significant expansion of the radiation outside of Japan. The WHO representative in China, Michael O'Leary, said in a statement that the UN agency wants "to ensure governments and citizens that at this moment there is no evidence of any international expansion from nuclear installations, affected seriously by the earthquake and tsunami recorded last Friday.

"There have been rumors through text messages and other media about a looming cloud of radiation that is sweeping Asia and beyond from the damaged nuclear facilities in Japan," says the note, calling for "an end to these rumors, which are detrimental to public morals. " A phone message has been circulating and allegedly based on a news broadcast by the media warned of the imminent arrival of radiation to the Philippines and advised people not to be in contact with rain and stand iodine neck.

Warning has also jumped in China, where many social network users Weib, similar to Twitter, have expressed their distrust in reports that are safe. Many say that the rumors have led to increased sales of iodine and masks at pharmacies in Beijing and Shanghai. O'Leary suggests that the WHO radiological experts are working with the Japanese authorities and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to monitor and assess the situation.

"The experts share Japan's concern over the situation" of central Fukushima-1, but "based on information available to date, WHO believes that currently there is a significant risk to human health for people living outside exclusion zone with a radius of 30 kilometers. " Workers at Fukushima-1 have had to temporarily move away from the plant on Wednesday due to increased levels of radiation, but the work to try to prevent a meltdown of the reactor was quickly resumed.

Earlier, there had been another fire at the plant, which has delivered low levels of radiation that has hit Tokyo in the last 24 hours. Such as WHO, the Japanese government says the current level of radiation beyond the perimeter of 20 kilometers and evacuated about Fukushima nuclear power is not "an immediate risk to health." The minister spokesman Yukio Edan, said at a news conference that the level of radioactivity between 20 and 30 miles from the center, which has asked residents to stay home with the windows closed, no harmful effects to direct.

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