Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gadhafi's son says Libya paid the electoral campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy

Muammar Gaddafi's son, Saif al Islam, has revealed in an interview with the Euronews channel his father's presidential campaign financed current French President Nicolas Sarkozy. When asked what opinion he deserved that France was the first country to recognize the Transitional National Council (of the rebels, based in Benghazi), Saif al Islam replied: "First, Sarkozy to Libya should return money took to finance his campaign.

It was us who finance his campaign, have all the details and are ready to reveal them. " He continues: "So the first thing I ask this clown is returning the money to the Libyans. Because he gave the aid to act on behalf of the Libyan people. But we have disappointed Sarkozy. Give us back the money.

We have all the details , bank accounts, documents and movements of the transfers. I tell you all very soon. " Meanwhile, from Paris, the French foreign minister wrote in his blog that "several Arab countries are willing to" active participation "in a military operation in Libya. Allan Juppe went even further and encouraged: "There is still time to intervene." On the contrary he thinks Saif al Islam, which in the same interview to EuroNews said that any international action comes already "too late, because it's over 48 hours." "There are crowds trying to get to the border with Egypt.

Both the Army and the citizens have said, allow a safe corridor for these traitors and their militias. "

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