Wednesday, March 16, 2011

About 60 migrants drown trying to reach Lampedusa

About 60 migrants drowned on the night of Sunday to Monday to dump the boat in the direction they were traveling from Tunisia to Lampedusa (Italy), narrated by another group of North Africans who traveled on a barge nearby. They explained that, suddenly, near the Tunisian coast as the barge capsized and most of them could not swim, disappeared into the waters of the Mediterranean, while only five were saved.

On the other hand, one of the military navy patrols saved during the early morning to 129 immigrants who were within 20 miles of the island of Lampedusa, and whose boat began taking on water. Twenty-one vessels arrived at the Italian island of Lampedusa since Saturday morning, with 1,623 people aboard, including six women and six children, informed the Captain of the port.

Each barge was carrying about 50 people and the Captain expected surge of immigrants continue given the good weather conditions prevailing in the Sicily Channel. The island of Lampedusa, considered by immigrants the gateway to Europe, is packed with illegal immigrants following the arrivals of these days and is home to 1,400 people.

In the early hours of today arrived on the island of Lampedusa Rabbits, considered nature reserve, a small boat with 80 immigrants, including two children.

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