Wednesday, March 16, 2011

France shall review the security system of all its nuclear plants

French Prime Minister Francois Fillon, today announced it will order a review of security systems of all the plants in his country in view of what happened in the Japanese atomic power plant in Fukushima. "We will carry out safety tests of each plant in France, which will be controlled in the light of the lessons to be taken from the catastrophe of Fukushima and the results of these checks will be made public," said the head of government before deputies the country, told Efe that collects.

The prime minister said the checks Gallo will be directed primarily to determine the level of endurance of plants to earthquakes and possible tsunamis. On the other hand, the French Foreign Minister, Alain Juppe, has been blunt about the use of nuclear energy in the neighboring country: "France will not abandon nuclear energy in coming decades.

It would be lying to say now what the French otherwise because nuclear energy is the only one who can afford to assume the cost of electricity that needs our country. " Juppe has said these words in the press conference today following the conclusion of the meeting in Paris foreign ministers of the G8 group of richest countries in the world (USA, Japan, Russia, France, Canada, United Kingdom , Italy and Germany).

The meeting discussed the situation of international conflict and humanitarian crisis atomic and Japanese lives. However, Juppe has confirmed the position of the French Government to questions from a reporter about whether the radiation accident in two Japanese nuclear energy policy could change the French, with a total of 52 nuclear power plants is one of the countries that supports this energy source (along with Japan and the USA.

UU.) worldwide. "We will not lie to the French and reaffirm that we will not abandon nuclear energy in coming decades because it is essential to generate the electricity we need for our demand," stated Juppe. What has assured the head of French diplomacy is that "we are strengthening the security protocols in the new nuclear generation in France and in those who are oldest.

It is imperative that we strengthen the security at the plants of new generation EPR are known and we are strengthening our country, "Juppe added. The French leader's remarks occur hours after France's assurance that the containment system of reactor No. 2 of the Fukushima nuclear power "is no longer watertight," Paris said today the president of the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) from France, André-Claude Lacoste.

"It is absolutely clear that we are on Level 6 of the INES (International Scale Nuclear and Radiological Event, INES, for its acronym in English), Lacoste told reporters in the capital gala in relation to the situation of the earthquake center last week, reports Reuters. "That is, the Three Mile Island and Chernobyl," the senior French official, referring to accidents at these plants in the U.S.

and Ukraine, saying: "it is unclear to what extent the system containment is damaged ", but said it" is no longer watertight. "According to a statement from the ASN, the reactor 2 is raised" major concerns "and whose nucleus" is partially molten "adding that it occurred "Two successive explosions, at 06:10 and 10:00 local time." These explosions, followed by the ASN, "probably have caused a degradation of the containment system, that is the source of the significant increase detected radioactive waste." The French authority in mind that the reactor automatically stopped when the earthquake and that "it was cooled for several hours." "It is clearly a disaster," said Lacoste, who spoke after the government itself considers that the risk Gallo by the nuclear accident in Japan is "extremely high." So said the French foreign minister, Alain Juppe, who said that recent data from Japanese nuclear plant hit by the earthquake last week seem to lead to a "nuclear catastrophe."

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