Wednesday, March 16, 2011

SAUDI ARABIA - The kingdom is very unfortunate

There is an urgent question to ask yourself: our situation in Saudi Arabia it is better than in Tunisia or Egypt? What provoked the anger of these two peoples to the point they brought down the regime? Is unemployment, corruption and tyranny that allowed men of influence to commit their crimes with impunity against the people.

All this is also present here. As for freedom of expression, the situation in Saudi Arabia is much worse than in Mubarak's Egypt. If anyone dared to write here about a prince that could be read there about the president, he would disappear in just one of those prisons where people are rotting in the thousands.

Since Adam, peace be upon him, nothing has ever reached the proportions of corruption in Saudi Arabia. Some individuals hold private property so large that it takes a helicopter to get from one end to another, while two thirds of the population are unable to obtain the land necessary to build enough to accommodate their family or must settle for a sardine tin where the gate was and where it freezes in winter.

As for the billions of oil revenues, the people do not perceive that a bit. A big hand is engulfed in infrastructure projects for the benefit of corrupt contractors. But the ultimate greed is achieved by the first circle, namely the ruling family and loved ones. Large state and some businessmen are among the richest people on the planet.

Where does their wealth? For Egypt, we're talking about seventy billion dollars stolen by the family of Hosni Mubarak. This amount is probably what would have to pay some of our rich zakat [Islamic annual tax, equal to 2.5% of capital of an individual]. What are we would reach if we put together the wealth of the thieves? In addition, they pay no electricity, no water, no telephone, no airline tickets or their hotel, nothing.

Favoritism is everywhere, in every jurisdiction where we call relatives, friends and children of Doe. Journalists, poets, clerics, intellectuals: they come in all sorts those who bow before such a prince or that minister. Just someone to be invested with the power that they attribute to him qualities which range from the purity of character to the greatness of soul, through the wisdom and intellectual superiority.

The hypocrisy knows no bounds. Customer Plan jostling to inaugurate projects on behalf of a handful of nobles of the kingdom. The streets such and such, universities and Doe Doe, Institutes Doe, Jane Doe Chairs, hospitals doe ... Everywhere, from big cities to the smallest village, we find the same names, ad nauseum.

Elsewhere [Tunisia], people were able to overthrow a regime because someone was slain with his vegetable cart, but with us, we have not even been able to push the power to dismiss a governor province after hundreds of people drowned, two years in a row due to flooding [in Jeddah, the second city of the kingdom].

And what about the Saudis detained for years without trial and without having committed any crime? Even animals have their dignity. Why are citizens of this country and do good Muslims would not they? We should fear God as we are silent in the face of injustice. We live in constant fear.

Gives us all feel like strangers in our own country. We feel like intruders cluttering the house of the ruling family. Enough of servility! Bet on the patience of the people has already resulted in two revolutions [Tunisia and Egypt]. Bet on the absence of alternatives, on the fear of tribal divisions, regional and denominational failed.

These two revolutions have shown that the people could both initiate the spark and extinguish the fire division. No country is immune. Sincerely revolutionary

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