Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Marine Le Pen calls to control immigration from France and Spain

ROME .- The president of the French extreme right party National Front, Marine Le Pen, suggested today that the use of Article 2.2 of the Schengen Treaty to allow control of the borders between Italy and France, and between Spain and France to meet illegal immigration. The MEP, who yesterday visited the Italian island of Lampedusa, where the boats arrive with African immigrants, appeared today at a press conference at the headquarters of the European Parliament in Rome.

The daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen was in favor of returning the boats of immigrants "safe" before they hit international waters. "It's the only solution to the problem," said the favorite candidate in the upcoming presidential elections in France. "The return of the vessels could also be carried out with the help of Italian and French Navy," he said.

Le Pen said that "the European Union (EU) is not able to put dams on migratory flows despite what he says (Durao) Barroso, president of the European Commission (EC). For Le Pen, "is not necessary to rely only on the EU, each country must assume its responsibilities" and noted that bilateral agreements could do better role "Barroso policy." "I do not want to abolish the right of asylum, but what happens today is that they are economic refugees, not political," he added.

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