Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Foreigners flee the nuclear threat

There is not any doubt. The situation just seemed alarming has become a burst of panic. Tokyo yesterday woke up with power cuts and nuclear alarms that hung over the city. In the afternoon the initial chaos became a quest to move and the nuclear threat into a reality with the second explosion at the Fukushima nuclear power around 02.00 am, Spanish time.

Nipponese televisions away from reporting this fact by issuing messages were "in control" while in international was already talk of "nuclear chaos." We decided it was time to go away like many of the foreigners who had endured far more than 200 aftershocks and the constant denials of Japan's government to recognize the extreme seriousness of the situation.

The embassies began evacuating foreigners were still in the city: France, Germany, Switzerland were the first in a long list that have now joined the international companies with headquarters in Tokyo and trying to get out of there workers. With the move outages became a nightmare. There was no train, only one subway line and buses run only from some places in Tokyo.

Reaching the airport was an ordeal. The outlook is especially bleak considering the long lines of vehicles that were added to our race to reach the airport. Hours later we arrived at Narita where citizens of all nationalities were in the same situation: leave the country. A Spanish man who had come to a conference in Tokyo, took nearly 5 hours to reach the airport.

Another Spanish, Elena Díez de Barcelona tells us that her ordeal lasted four days until you can get to board the plane. She suffered an earthquake in a mountainous area north and after a day without light and water got to move up here but it was impossible to fly. All these days has tried to board a plane but has not been done until now he has finally got a flight.

It takes several days sleeping in the airport, "my friends have decided to stay, they are not afraid to radiation but I do." While we much that the reactor number three bursts and talk about a helicopter that has appeared celio covered and has spent more than 200 kilometers of the plant.

All this confirms what the Japanese were suspicious for days, "the government is not telling the truth about what is really happening," says a French citizen will also be on the same flight evacuated from their embassy. The threat of an earthquake of greater magnitude adds even more concern.

A few hours ago have said that radiation is coming to Tokyo but are of very low intensity as to affect even people and the government has asked citizens to stay in their homes. While the state tries to show a peaceful foreign unreal rows that crowd looking for a ticket out of there increased by seconds.

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