Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Berlusconi: Up to 33 girls I think too many even for a thirty

The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi denies that 33 girls, including lower then Ruby, are the subject of prostitution in one of their parties because, among other things, seem "too", and ensures that it will go on television and court to explain everything. In an interview published today in the newspaper 'La Repubblica', Berlusconi comes to meet the new details about the case that the prosecution Ruby Milan announced yesterday in reporting the conclusion of the investigation to the three people allegedly involved in your environment in the matter.

These new details include the belief that the prosecution had sex Berlusconi payment Ruby on 13 occasions when he was under age and the existence of 33 girls, including a young Moroccan, as an object of this alleged pimping and induction into prostitution by those who have investigated these three people from the political environment.

"I can not believe in justice and use of barbaric and so far from reality. I also I have 75 years and, even mischievous, 33 girls in two months I seem too much even for a thirtysomething. Son too much for anyone, "said the premier. "And then there is another obstacle. I've always had about me and my girlfriend, who, luckily, I managed to keep it out of the mud.

If I had done everything they say, I would have taken his eyes. And make sure you have the long nails, "he adds. Berlusconi says the Ruby case, which will be judged for alleged abuse of power and incitement to prostitution of minors, has been carried out "just to throw mud on the image of these girls" and, through them, and their own image, he says, go on TV and participate in all views of the process.

"They have brought to the fore to 33 girls who will spend the rest of his life with the label of prostitute. And yet they were girls whose only mistake was to go to dinner with the Prime Minister gave (...) Girls four jumps in the club, alone, because I never liked dancing. Nothing more, "said the president.

"People are poor. Think of the parents of some of these girls have been dismissed only by the fact that this investigation there. All these girls can not work and can not march, no one offered a contract. I want to publicly defend "he adds.

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