Wednesday, March 16, 2011

OMAN - A distinguished despot

In the tranquil Sultanate of Oman, two demonstrators were killed Feb. 27 during clashes with security forces in Sohar, the main industrial center, north of the capital, Muscat. The claims are the same as those proclaimed everywhere in other Arab countries denouncing government corruption, demand jobs, more justice, political reform and freedom of expression.

However, "the Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al-Said, in power since 1970, after filing its father is an educated man: a great lover of classical music he created in 1985, the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra" The Guardian notes in a tone of praise. With 3 million inhabitants, of whom 43% are under 15 years, and oil wealth, which represents nearly 65% \u200b\u200bof GDP, the Sultanate of Oman has embarked on the path to prosperity: modern infrastructure, hospitals and education in development.

But Oman is an absolute monarchy where any criticism of power is suppressed where the police did not need a warrant to enter homes, where the websites are checked. If the sultan was able to accelerate the modernization of the country, it faces a new generation educated, who does not know the underdevelopment of the years before 1970 and is open to the world via satellite channels and the Internet.

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