Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The baby gave hope

Just four months and has already survived one of the worst disasters that will probably live throughout his life. Under the rubble and mud, a baby only four months has managed to survive three days before rescuers found him in the devastated town of Ishinomaki. Army members were destroyed house by house recovering the bodies of hundreds of men and women buried under the tsunami that followed the earthquake on Friday.

Few were the hopes of finding anyone alive in so much destruction. However, in one of the records they heard the cries of a girl and there was, as published by the British newspaper 'Daily Mail'. Dehydrated, hypothermic, but alive. The seized arms, wrapped in a blanket and cradled. The soldiers did not believe it.

How could she have survived? It was a miracle. They looked for her father and found him beside the rubble of his home. All that in a second had destroyed and razed the devastating earthquake, it recovered to pick up and join the already named "the little miracle." "His discovery has put new energy into the search," said a civil defense official.

"We will listen, look and dig a lot more careful from now on." The girl has given hope to find survivors of the crash yet. Like the story of an elderly woman who survived wagered on the driver's seat of a car until they saw some men from the window of his home. Today, four days after the quake, rescuers found a 70 year old woman in Iwate Prefecture.

Firefighters found the lady sitting patiently in what remains of his destroyed house hall, where, he said, had been waiting since the earthquake occurred. The woman was in good health, was hospitalized as a precaution but that of Hiromitsu O Shinkawa, the man who sailed to the sea 9 miles above the roof of his house for three days until he was rescued.

"Several helicopters and ships passed, but none of them saw me. I thought it would be the last day of my life." However, it is difficult to maintain hope amid so much destruction. The latest official figures have increased the death toll to 2,700 and up to 3,600 missing. It is believed that the final number of victims may be much higher, since some municipalities concerned have provided data to several thousand missing or dead.

Still not been located since Friday to 9,500 residents Minamisanriku inhabitants, half of the population of people of the province of Miyagi swept by the tsunami. Neither knows the whereabouts of 8,000 residents Otsuchi coastal town in the province of Iwate, and the 100 students who disappeared in Ishinomaki.

More than half a million refugees in the east coast of the island of Honshu have four days sleeping in the dark and without water in the worst crisis suffered by Japan since World War II.

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