Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gaddafi planes again bombed civilian vehicles and reach Ajdabiya

Air Force bombed Muammar Gaddafi back Ajdabiya City, the last major city held by the rebels before Benghazi, east of the country, reaching civilian vehicles, according to a correspondent of Qatari Al-Jazeera network. The same source said the aircraft made four different bombing Gaddafi on the west side of the city and that there have been deaths among the passengers of the vehicles made.

The four series of bombings were carried out with 15 minute intervals. At least four vehicles to families trying to go from Ajadabiya Brega neighboring city were hit by bombs and there were casualties among its occupants, according to the correspondent of Al Jazeera. Ajdabiya City Aviation has bases and currently represents the limit of the area controlled by rebels in the east of the country.

Control of this area is key to the evolution of the conflict as Ajdabiya connected directly by road to Tobruk near the Egyptian border, enabling forces to encircle the rebels Gaddafi and leave them stranded in the area around Benghazi. Moreover, dozens of people died on Monday following the attack Gadhafi troops Zuara City, west of the country and about 120 kilometers west of Tripoli, according to the chain said Ezuari Qatari Mohamed, a resident of that locality.

The witness said that forces loyal to the regime carried out an intense artillery bombardment of the city and that the number of victims is difficult to establish because the attackers prevented ambulances from evacuating the dead and wounded. It also said that after the intense bombing, Gaddafi forces managed to take control of Zuara, near the Tunisian border, and one of the few cities in the west of the country remained under rebel control.

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