Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An Indonesian survive the tsunamis in Japan and 2004

Jakarta. .- An Indonesian citizen and can claim to have survived the 2004 tsunami and the one that struck Japan last Friday, which has so far caused 10,000 dead, wounded and missing in the national press reported today. Zahrul Fuadi, 39, was in Sendai when the earthquake of 9 degrees on the Richter scale and the subsequent tsunami, and now expected to repatriate in an evacuation center in Tokyo.

"I have the feeling that my family and I are pursuing the tsunami, from Aceh to Japan," said Fuadi, according to the daily The Jakarta Globe. " He explained that in 2004 escaped the disaster on a motorcycle "driving as fast as he could" inland, while giant waves destroyed her house in the province of Aceh in western Indonesia, and killed several of his relatives and friends.

A year later won a scholarship to complete his PhD in engineering at a university Japan and emigrated there. "I've lived in Japan for six years and had planned to return to Aceh, but as luck would support another large earthquake before returning home. Despite everything that happened, my family and I have much to thank God.

We survived two major natural disasters in history, "he said Fuadi.

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