Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Tunisian border are turning to help countries emerging from Libya

"They are killing each other." According to Marwan, a young newcomer Tunisian border last night Jdir Ras, Tripoli things are not exactly like they are talking about so far. Should armed groups that fought in favor of Qaddafi, against and a third unclear. army? "The army is the people in Libya, is popular," he says, and his explanations indicate that it is divided.

"At 04.45 am I left to try to find bread and I've seen in Tripoli a guy with no shoes, jeans, military jacket and a Kalashnikov. "Marwan believes that armed by Gaddafi. This would indicate that things go awry for the regime and is using it. But anything could be." There are many armed men, and do not believe that over 19 years, and mercenaries who have flown in ".

No one knows for sure who is who, he says. Before leaving Tripoli, Marwan collected caps 40 mm projectiles." They are using anti-aircraft artillery against the people. "Marwan denied yesterday that the aircraft bombing. At least during the day. From 6:00 to 18:00, Tripoli is paralyzed, and everything happens at night, he says." I I can say that there is a barracks in which they have gathered hundreds of Tunisians and forced them to take arms to defend Qaddafi.

"In its desperate attempt to leave Tripoli, Marwan went yesterday to the Tunisian embassy and left indignantly . "The Tunisian airline has no planes to evacuate because the Government has refused to pay," he says, and all other countries are evacuating their own. " Several Algerian planes flew yesterday.

The airport is a mess, according to Tunisian radio reported last night while announcing the departure of the first of seven aircraft sent eventually. From Tripoli to Djerba, the Tunisian airport or nearest is twenty minutes of flight. Marwan, safety technician in the oil industry, is one of the hundred thousand Tunisians working in Libya.

On Sunday, tens of thousands crossed the pass Jdir Ras, on Monday and yesterday were five thousand, five thousand or so only two thousand, according to various sources. On this side of the border, residents of the nearest town, Ben Gudiene, about thirty miles away, collect them free of cars, vans and buses, offer them some food, bread, sardines with Haris, yogurt and water and some medical care in the city.

They say people come throughout the night, in Tripoli and other towns of the West. In step, Hocine, a young doctor out of work, just wait the time to cross to Libya with medical supplies "to help our brothers." Those who come have paid 150 dinars, about 75 euros, the driver Libyan ten times more than normal, they say.

The more than 170 kilometers of road from Tripoli are not especially dangerous for those fleeing except for the fact that in many armed controls, steal money, phones, computers ... Had better luck yesterday about Dutch tourists waiting for a bus that takes them to the Tunisian capital. They had left two days prior to Gadamis after hearing gunfire at night in Tripoli.

In this place to visit in western Libya, only demonstrations and posters were ripped from the dictator. At the roadblocks were armed men, both uniformed and plain clothes, they could not tell if they were forces for or against Gaddafi. If the border with Egypt seems to have been abandoned by their guardians, in Tunis, there are two steps, Ras Dehiba Jdir and further south, remain the customs and the armed forces of Gaddafi.

The international press has no entry and wait here whether the time what comes across are the echoes of a principle of civil war or simply continue the slaughter.

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