Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Spanish used Gaddafi

His name is Pablo Prieto was born in Galicia but it, along with his trainer, Luis also Spanish, Castilian, Spanish only employee Gaddafi. On Wednesday, at the airport Barajas, decried the lack of seamless support from the Spanish embassy in Libya, but when asked by the Gaddafi regime responded with a shrug and a wry smile: "It's a very difficult, there is much danger, but ...

Yes, I can not say much about the leader, realize that I work for him. " The leader is, of course, Muammar Gaddafi. Prieto is currently football coach for the North African country, but in exile after running away without even unravel its contractual relationship with the Libyan state. "In Tripoli the population is suffering a lot, these past few days have been very difficult, there are buildings completely destroyed, cars burned," he described the situation in the capital, calling it "daunting." "We were told we could only stay in Regatta, an area in which they live only from Europe and employees of oil companies, or leave the airport," explains how dangerous the situation.

Prieto also somehow had direct line to power, since he took office in Libya's senior national team in early 2010, after having received an offer from the federation in this country on behalf of the Futsal Committee Chairman Libya, Abdesalam Saadi, nothing more and nothing less than Muammar Gaddafi's nephew.

The man, received with much excitement by his wife at the airport Barajas, said the stranger treatment received by the embassy: "We called several days ago and told us we were at the airport if we wanted to be sure. Yesterday (for the Tuesday) we called, and that the response was rare. We said we had heard the Minister Trinidad Jimenez said they would send military aircraft to repatriate Spanish, and we replied that we could help, that much we know them " .

Prieto, as the majority of returnees, appreciated the efforts of Repsol, which chartered the flight that arrived Wednesday from Tripoli Spanish 61: "They have behaved very well."

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