Thursday, February 24, 2011

Agony of a regime: Gaddafi wanted to buy the youth

Gaddafi's son Saif al Islam was the propagandist of a so-called reform of the Libyan regime Moammar Gadhafi's "Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya" seems to be the next dictatorial Arab regimes to be, whose fate is sealed. The day before yesterday warned the government newspaper "Jamahiriya" (the masses) from a civil war, which they confirmed indirectly that there is already such in the country.

Here, the regime has made in its final stages for his tremendous efforts in power. Thus, before a few years opened Gaddafi's son Saif al Islam, the weekly newspaper "Quryna" that his reform accelerated rate - should give publicity - under the slogan "Libya tomorrow." Here the many newly launched projects of social and cultural nature were praised.

Last August, as found in the two hundred miles east of Tripoli held seaside town of Misurata, the "first cultural festival for the Libyan youth," sung by the reformist sign and was danced. Opening, the Saif al Islam personally attended, has been - who would be surprised - the operetta "Libya Tomorrow" section: Too hip-hop music with patriotic visionary texts Libyan youth from breakdance tricks.

On the monumental stage two elongated stick figure resplendent in dance pose, of course, in green, the ubiquitous symbol color of Gaddafi's Islamic-influenced "people's mass revolution." The figures are also the symbol of the National Libyan youth ", the Gaddafi's reform-minded son, founded four years ago.

On their website, which yesterday did not about demonstrations by supporters of all young Gaddafi in Benghazi cooker ostlibyschen revolution to report that many seem to download provided plans for the future of the potentate's son, like ghosts from a bygone era. Many a true concern of one of the most recently at the great reform plan renowned events.

Thus, the site visitor experiences in a separate publication entitled "Afropa" from a held last November in Tripoli "European-African Youth Summit, and only a few days later was also held in the Libyan capital of a European Union-Africa Summit". On this, the dictator demanded from Brussels more money - and had probably also stabilizing the regime of the junior youth projects in mind.

And he argued with his usual audacity: Will the financial support from Europe for the "containment of migration from Africa" does not increase, would soon be the "white Christian continent are black". What role the EU-Africa Cooperation - in the Western community of nations under the euphonious name Europ Africa known - had the support of the oil-rich dictatorship Gaddafi will have to work up their end of historian.

Saif al Islam, who in the EU countries is a always a welcome guest drove his reforms to the last advance in any case quickly. End of January, told his paper "Quryna" on the front page of proud of the "First Annual Conference of the medical centers of Benghazi," should be countered with the device and the declining regime loyalty of local residents - should not happen proclaimed from here fortschrittverheißende message of government be, one is on its way across the country to set up 486 such centers clinic.

Such projects stylized the sheet to a new edition of the revolution of the "brother commander Muammar al Gaddafi, their continuation would soon see already in transition neighboring Tunisia, the Libyan" people's congresses "Let the editors from the head of the Tunisian Islamist Rachid Ghannouchi praise as a model to which you would like to draw in Tunis in the already started their own people's revolution to the preservation of public order.

The story took a different turn. The pull of the Tunisian revolution led to only a few weeks later for the overthrow of Egyptian President Mubarak. In Tripoli, the fear now grew from the rebellious potential of their youth, which had until then tried to keep small with great effort. The threat of rebellion Facebook said the editor of "Quryna" still on 14 February avert the large-scale presentation regime loyal to young Libyans, who began to spread in the same social network patriotic slogans and Gaddafi's opponents vilified as terrorists.

But the rebellion was neither the action nor the mobilization of pro-government youth organizations to prevent that were assigned to the streets to demonstrate for the smash "beloved brother commander" and counter-demonstrations with violence. Nevertheless, decorate their photos, including that of a revolutionary leader Gaddafi bejubelnden little boy in military uniform, currently the front pages of Libya's government leaves.

In this bizarre way, they tell of the agony of the most bizarre state project in the history of Arabia. The recent television address from Saif al Islam, which the paper "Al Jamahiriya" has published the following day was full, especially since it followed the infamous short television appearance of his father, escalating the situation even further.

For a "second mass of the people state," has called for the establishment Gaddafi son last, it is too late parts of the armed forces came after reports of the television station Al-Jazeera yesterday even the ruling family's back. Two warships, the city of Benghazi, the company should have shot under fire, after Malta.

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