Thursday, February 24, 2011

Asia and Eastern Europe sales save cigars

The global crisis and regulations against the snuff could not last year with the consumption of cigars. After respective falls of 3% and 8% in 2008 and 2009, sales of the prestigious Cuban cigars grew in 2010 by 2% in the international market, reaching $ 368 million. The pull of Chinese consumers, Asians in general and Eastern Europe more than offset the setbacks in the countries of Western Europe.

China overtook Germany as the third market Habanos SA to grab 8% of purchases of cigars and snuff stick. Spain still ahead with 20%, and France, with 12%. Sources of mixed company, formed in equal parts by the Spanish government and Altadis Tabacuba (owned by British group), clarified that imports from the Asian giant includes both managed by the Chinese government for domestic consumption as those engaged from the special administrative regions of Macao and Hong Kong, and those that are destined for duty free airports.

The crisis and the smoking ban had a clear impact in the case of Spain, where cigar sales fell by 12% over 2010 and 30% in January, first month of life of the new rules against fumes cigars and cigarettes. The company prepares a package of sales and marketing in effort to curb this trend.

The most significant increases were recorded in that order, in the areas of Asia-Pacific (with China in the lead), Eastern Europe (starting with Russia), Middle East and Africa. The results of the Cuban-Spanish company were filed within the thirty Festival del Habano, held these days in the Cuban capital.

Vice President Development Company, Spanish Javier Terres, he was "cautiously optimistic" view of the figures for 2010 and also in relation to the prospects for this year, all will be "complicated."

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