Thursday, February 24, 2011

Clinton condemned as "unacceptable" violence in Libya

Washington. .- The U.S. Secretary of State. UU., Hillary Clinton, reiterated today that the violent repression exercised by the Libyan regime against demonstrators demanding greater rights in that country is "completely unacceptable" and "has to stop." In an appearance at the State Department, Clinton said the international community's message to Libya "is very clear and leaves no room for doubt: there is no doubt that the violence must stop" and that the government of Muammar Qaddafi , must respect the universal rights of the Libyan people.

"This bloodbath is completely unacceptable," said U.S. diplomat, who reminded the Libyan regime has a "responsibility to respect the universal rights of its citizens, including the right to speak freely and to meet" peacefully, he said. Various sources already have hundreds dead and only in the eastern city of Benghazi hospital sources amounted to about 300 today in fatalities in recent days.

However, Gaddafi said in his appearance on state television that the figures were a "lie" from the chains of our Arab brothers. After referring to Libya, Clinton also referred to other countries of North Africa, Middle East and the Persian Gulf, where the protests happen or has commenced a process of transition, saying also is of "great concern" the information on the violence employed "in Yemen and elsewhere." "We urge restraint and the governments of the region to respect the rights of citizens," he said.

As for Bahrain, Clinton praised the release of some detainees, while applauded the monarchy had started a "meaningful dialogue with the whole spectrum of society" in that country. "We hope that the friends of Bahrain in the region and the world to support these initiatives as a constructive way to maintain stability in the country and help fulfill the aspirations of all its people," said Clinton.

But, he said, the promises of the kingdom should go "measures and reforms." "We urge all parties to work quickly so that the national dialogue will result in significant steps to meet the legitimate aspirations of all citizens," he said. Clinton also called for new "containment" to that nation.

"There is no place for violence against peaceful demonstrators," he said. On the other hand, Secretary of State emphasized that the "process of creating a new Egypt and Tunisia only has begun again, and although U.S.. UU. appreciates the commitment shown by the Egyptian leaders with an orderly transition to a democratic government needs to also take "concrete" to promote political change, he said.

"We will remain a partner who supports the people of both countries as looking for a better future, "he said. "Across the Middle East, people are claiming their governments greater openness, accountability and responsiveness" to its demands, he said. "EE. UU. Believes that governments are interested in establishing contacts in a peaceful and positive when responding "(these claims), because without a real process towards open and accountable political systems, he said," the gap between citizens and governments only increases and instability only escalates.


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