Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Government sent a plane to Libya to repatriate Spanish

Madrid. - The Executive Committee of Government meeting on Wednesday under the chairmanship of chief executive, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, has agreed to send a plane to Tripoli, the Libyan capital, to repatriate Spanish found in the country and adopt a plan energy saving any reason to supply problems.

The so-called crisis of the government cabinet has met in the Moncloa Palace to address the situation in the Arab world, in particular, the serious incidents in Libya, where Muammar Gaddafi has intensified repression against the riots. At the meeting, sources said the central executive, has instructed the Minister of Industry, Tourism and Trade Miguel Sebastian, an energy saving plan for approval by the Council of Ministers on Friday in the event of supply problems given the energy dependence of Spain on the North African country.

Spain has many interests in Libya, especially relevant in the energy sector, with major companies such as Repsol or Indra. In addition, the North African country pumps about 1.6 million barrels of oil per day, making it the third largest African oil producer, behind Nigeria and Angola. In the framework of the EU, also supplies gas to Italy (12% of imports) and Spain (1.5% of imports).

Repsol oil company has also announced the suspension of its operations in Libya at the situation of violence and uncertainty in the country. The group chaired by Antonio Brufau is between 3.8% and 4% of its production in the North African country, which had about two dozen workers. Other European oil companies like Eni with 14% of its production in Libya and Austria's OMV (9% of its production), France's Total (3%) and Statoil (0.2%) and BP and Shell (only with exploration in the country) have also announced the evacuation of its personnel.

The European Commission, however, has ensured that Spain will not have supply problems if you cut the gas supply from Libya, as it can easily go to other countries and get gas there. Repatriation of nationals also called crisis cabinet has agreed to send an official aircraft that will depart this evening to Tripoli to move to Spain to nationals who remain in Libya and who so request.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Trinidad Jimenez, encryption on Wednesday in the Senate in 90 the Spanish found on today in the North African country. Of these, about 40 Spanish will be transferred to Spain on a plane chartered by the oil company Repsol, while the remaining fifty you can do on the plane to send the Executive.

The head of Spanish diplomacy, already anticipated the possibility of sending a military plane to pick up the Spanish who remain trapped in Libya, explained in the Senate before moving the aircraft, it is necessary first to locate and bring together citizens who being mounted on that plane.

Has also indicated that Spain is also considering other alternatives like going accommodating the Spanish who want to leave the country and are located in other aircraft or ferries chartered by other countries with colonies in Libya outnumber the Spanish.

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