Thursday, February 24, 2011

Revolt in Libya: Familiar turn against Gaddafi

The international community has stepped up its pressure on Libya's leader Muammar al Gaddafi. At the same time revolutionary leader gets in their own country under increasing pressure because of slipping more and more regions of its control and denounce him more and more important officials, military and diplomatic allegiance.

Interior Minister Abdul Fatah Yunis al Abidi lost one of his most important supporters of Gaddafi. He is now a minister, but a soldier in the service of the people, Abidi said that Gaddafi had in his television appearance on Tuesday praised yet. The television station Al Arabiya said Abidi, Gaddafi's followers had tried to kill him.

On Wednesday also came back a key adviser to Gaddafi's son Saif, as well as three other Libyan ambassador. The UN Security Council in New York called Gaddafi for an immediate end to violence against the demonstrators. In a non-binding declaration, the 15 Council members expressed their "deep concern at the situation in Libya".

They condemned the violence against civilians and the repression of peaceful demonstrators and expressed regret at the deaths of hundreds of civilians. Council members made clear they had a "responsibility to protect the population" and called on the leadership in Tripoli to respect human and civil rights.

Libya should also allow unhindered international human rights monitors and humanitarian aid access into the country. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon wants to ensure that those responsible are held in Libya for the current violence carried out by an international court to account. "Those who have ordered the brutal bloodshed of the innocent are punished," Ban demanded on Wednesday morning to reporters in New York.

The EU was also on Wednesday to agree on immediate sanctions against the Libyan leadership. The only foreign policy chief said Ashton, Member States were willing to sanctions if the violence does not end. In an interview were travel bans and freezing of assets in Europe. Berlin and Paris had opted for immediate sanctions, Italy is against it.

In Brussels, representatives of EU countries also has potential for a coordinated evacuation of EU citizens. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi warned on Wednesday against "fundamentalism after the era Gaddafi in Libya." In Rome, Berlusconi said: ". We can only hope that this does not lead to unjustified violence and the spread of Islamic fundamentalism" Before he had spoken with several European leaders and with President Obama to you about his telephone conversation with Gaddafi to briefing.

He had asked to unofficial data, his "friend" in Tripoli to stop the bloodshed. "Libya is doing well," Gadhafi was quoted as saying. Moreover, he had told Berlusconi that he had also previously spoken publicly on tirades against the "rats" who wanted to overthrow him. How Gaddafi and Berlusconi also had his son Saif al Islam has warned against an Islamist coup.

The Italian Foreign Minister Frattini warned in the House before a flight of biblical proportions. Almost 2.5 million people in Libya are guest workers, could conservative estimates that up to 350,000 fleeing the country. On Tuesday, EU foreign policy chief Ashton had announced that the EU has suspended negotiations ongoing for some time on a Framework Agreement with Libya in response to the events in the country.

Resignation of the dictator, not a call on the EU, said a spokeswoman, it is for the Libyan people to choose their leader. The spokeswoman said that the Member States of their weapons and ammunition supplies to Libya have set. In Libya, meanwhile, the threats and appeals Gaddafi apparently showed no effect.

His call for a mass demonstration was followed up by Wednesday evening in Tripoli only about 150 followers, as the news agency Reuters reported. In the second city of Benghazi, demonstrated by the information channel Al Jazeera, however, thousands against Gaddafi. The crew of a Libyan fighter refused to press reports, under his command to shoot at demonstrators.

The crew of a campaign to bomb the aircraft, which had Benghazi, located southwest of the city with catapults parachutes out of their combat aircraft that crashed then, it said. From the capital city of Tripoli channel Al Jazeera reported on Wednesday shootout. Otherwise, there seems to be that the situation has stabilized.

Foreigners, who returned from Tripoli reported, but of chaos and excesses of violence in recent days. Snipers had fired on fleeing demonstrators, women were raped and people were arbitrarily arrested, it said. On the number of dead continues to be unclear. The Italian Foreign Minister Frattini has, according to press reports now up to a thousand deaths possible.

A French doctor who had returned from Benghazi, said dead in 2000 alone in the second largest city in the country. According to a correspondent arrived in Libya channel Al Jazeera calmed the situation further to the east of the country. In Benghazi, have joined forces residents to maintain order and to organize demonstrations.

The road to the Egyptian border is again relatively safe, said travelers. On Wednesday, compacted the evidence that the government's opponents to Tobruk and Misrata in his hands. In addition, should the government have lost control of strategically important city Zwaara, which is between Tripoli and the Tunisian border.

While the official security forces have largely withdrawn from the eastern border with Egypt, they were for information of the sender BBC on Wednesday still in use at the Tunisian border. The German Air Force has flown, meanwhile, another 74 people from Libya. The Chancellor machine "Konrad Adenauer" with 47 German and other passengers from 15 nations arrived on Wednesday from 20.45 clock at the military airport in Cologne.

The returnees told of chaos at the airport in the Libyan capital Tripoli.

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