Thursday, February 24, 2011

FRANCE - Pan on the mouthpiece of the "Duck chained"

The French followed with delight (or outrage) the adventures of Tunisian Michele Alliot-Marie, Minister of Foreign Affairs, caught in a tangle of questionable links between his office and his private life. Some press titles specialize in finding the facts about it. That informs them and why? Are these people around him morally offended by misconduct but in no hurry to undermine their career with a public denunciation? On political opponents? Whistleblowers professional, paid or not to torment the people on which they hold any information? All these scenarios exist.

Leaks are part of the political, economic or worldly. They make the "business" when the public temper his indignation community dissatisfied. France cultivates the kind of consistency with jubilant Duck chained enthroned for almost a hundred years in the heart of a republic which says quietly, week after week, all his little dirt.

The scandals are strikes with the popular way to shake departments between elections. This France who enjoys leaks without asking questions about the identity and motives of the perpetrators has only disdain and antipathy to Wikileaks for Julian Assange, its main founder. Opposition and power are the same tone: Wikileaks is for the French left a WikiBrother, the clone of Big Brother from George Orwell.

Duck shackled adds its voice to the great tenors of the Socialist Party and the extreme left to defend the right of state secrecy, and thus his duty to disclose as they please and as possible the faults of the establishment. By identifying its sources (diaries of soldiers in Afghanistan or the dispatches of ambassadors from the U.S.

State Department), openly exposing his motives (the rise of open government) commits two crimes Wikileaks unbearable French political society, swaddled in knitting privileges and prerogatives, enclosed world, wishing to remain accessible only by the assault, deceit, treachery, a world of dreams for the fighters of the "public interest" who have roots "in Inside the castle.

" The ideology of Wikileaks destroys yard games. The court, not avoiding any contradiction, at once proclaimed his dispatches "no interest" and its quest for transparency "dangerous". While the destruction by an anonymous foreign minister is both interesting and restorative. Emptying their information in the mailbox of the chained duck, his unknown enemies attract the sympathy and may give the stripes defenders of the honor of the Republic.

Ideally made of Wikileaks, there would be no need to duck chains. So, yes, Wikileaks is potentially dangerous.

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