Thursday, February 24, 2011

SWEDEN - The end of a myth

The stereotype of the idyllic small red wooden houses, so often attributed to Sweden, she would now crack? This is what some critics claim, seeing which are subject to Swedish law on rape and attitudes of the Swedish court in the Wikileaks case-Julian Assange. What at the end of last year, led American figures involved to put us in the pillory, as documentary filmmaker Michael Moore and feminist Naomi Wolf, who gave Sweden the image of a feminist dictatorship and the rule of law unreliable.

A glance in the mirror shows us that Julian Assange not only to give Sweden an image with which we are hardly accustomed to. Every month, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Foreign Press peels and extracts the articles about Sweden. And last year, it was not only matter of design, fashion, music, Volvo, thrillers, from weddings and other light subjects.

The name that is immediately apparent that of the writer Stieg Larsson. Read more on Presseurop. eu ...

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