Monday, May 2, 2011

Syria announced a comprehensive reform plan

The newly appointed Syrian Prime Minister Adel Safar said Saturday that his government will develop a "comprehensive plan" of political, judicial and economic, as collected by state news agency SANA. Add to Safar says it may set up committees to propose new laws and amendments to the legislation in these areas.

However, this announcement contrasts with the violence and arrests that security forces have been practicing for Saturday afternoon. The victims, contrary to government figures, the known and veteran opposition Hassan Abdel Azim, 81, of Damascus, and Omar Qashash, 85, Aleppo and a group of eleven women who were demonstrating in silence Salhyia district of Damascus.

The news comes a day that has intensified the siege against the city of Dera, the epicenter of the protests in the country. Its inhabitants have had to suffer during the day artillery, tanks and snipers, as they multiply complaints about a campaign of arrests across the country. The siege of the security forces would be such a witness, identified as Mohammed al-Homsi, termed genocide what happens in Deraa, in a telephone conversation with the Qatari television channel Al Jazeera from that location.

"Indiscriminate bombing, destroyed houses and killed people in the streets, including women and children, also we are starving because they do not let in food. Not even committed what Israel has perpetrated (Syrian President) Bashar Asad with his people in Deraa, "said Al Homsi. During the violence last Friday underwent a notable rise in several cities.

At least 62 people were killed that day alone. A Syrian human rights organization has been estimated at 560 the number of civilians have been killed since the protests began six weeks ago.

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