Monday, May 2, 2011

Obama mocks Trump and those who doubt his citizenship in a gala dinner

Washington .- The U.S. president, Barack Obama, did not hesitate to resort to the weapon of choice because of their potential opponents in the race for the White House in 2012, the question really is whether American or not, to ridicule presidential ambitions of billionaire Donald Trump. In a speech at the dinner of White House correspondents, often humorous interventions characterized by the presidents, Obama fired a series of pranks against Republicans who flirt with disputing the Oval Office and in particular against Trump in the audience .

A video showing the birth certificate released this week by the White House to quell rumors spurred by tycoon-accompanied by a song that repeated "I am a real American" - welcomed the president smiling. "I will show you the official video of my birth. I warn you: no one has seen this in 50 years," Obama said, then give way to a scene from the Walt Disney film "The Lion King." The president did not take long to go to Trump, who had to fit the jokes from the table of guests from The Washington Post.

"I know who has been criticized lately, but nobody would stop talking proudest of his birth certificate to Donald," he said. "Now we can focus on issues that really matter, such as" was false man on the moon? What really happened in Roswell? And where are (the late rapper) Biggie and Tupac? "He added.

In a speech littered with video scenes, illustrating did not lack a vision of a possible Obama presidency magnate, in which the word "Trump" appeared in bright letters on girls taking pictures of cocktails in a jacuzzi in the garden the White House. The president also had words for the Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, one of the faces of the first row of the ultraconservative movement 'Tea Party'.

"I heard she's thinking of running for the presidency, which is weird because I have heard, was born in Canada. Yes, Michele, that's how it all begins," joked the president. There was no shortage, however, the humor of his own Government: Vice President Joe Biden starred in a parody video of the film The King's speech in which Obama learned to make speeches without reading the screen thanks to "a man who never let prepared statements was stand in his way, "referring to his habit of improvising.

As for himself, the president reflected on those who accuse him of being "arrogant" and admitted his "self-help tool" to help "give me the percentages in the polls of popularity. On a more somber note, Obama concluded the speech remembering the victims of the huge temporary registered this week in the south of the country and the U.S.

military, in addition to the journalists who risked and even lost their lives while covering conflicts around the world. Among the 2,500 attendees, plus politicians and journalists, was a fan of movie stars like Sean Penn and Scarlett Johanson. Comedian Seth Meyers is tasked to echo Obama's jokes back in a monologue, which intensified the attacks on Trump with phrases like "he says to be submitted (the election) as a Republican.

It's funny, I always thought to be presented as a joke. "

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