Monday, May 2, 2011

NATO destroyed a column of 45 vehicles gadafistas forces

Benghazi ..- A total of 45 vehicles of a military column gadafistas have been destroyed in an air strike by NATO in the east of the country after its members attacked civilians in two populations, as reported by sources rebels. The gadafistas entered the villages of Yalu and Auliya, south of Ajdabiya, early on Saturday.

They opened fire on civilians, killing at least five people and wounded ten others, has said a military spokesman said the rebels. A spokesman for the oil AGOCA, which controls the oil fields of the territory under rebel control, Abdel Jalil Mayuf has specified that have been a total of 45 vehicles destroyed gadafista column in the bombing.

The attack of NATO aircraft occurred when the vehicle left the Yalu, as has been reported to AGOCA Mayuf a worker who witnessed the bombing, which occurred on Saturday itself. A rebel military spokesman, Colonel Ahmed Bani, explained that the purpose of Muammar Gaddafi is to reach the border with Egypt.

"If you look at the map is very clear what he intends to do. Want to make a move bound to the south of Ajdabiya and reach the eastern border," he said.

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