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Bundeswehr reform: With poor grades in marriage?

"Girls Day" in the army - as employers increase their attractiveness to students 01 May 2011 2011-05-01 11:27:54 In early September 2010 took place in the city hall of Kulmbach on a Saturday morning a discussion on the future of the Bundeswehr. Prominent guest was the then Defence Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, who explained his plans to suspend the military draft.

When he was finished, an elderly man stood up and told that his wife was employed by an army recruiting office. After their accounts to be feared that the army would continue to soon to eighty percent of Turks. And yet he wondered which side would be in the emergency. A murmur in the hall.

Guttenberg did not hesitate to dismiss such a scenario, and thus immediately assign any doubts about the loyalty to the fatherland of soldiers with a migration background from him. This seemed the thing done. Rail. For Guttenberg Although the end of conscription has prevailed politically, has left his successor, Thomas de Maizière but the question is how can be found for the armed forces without the forced recruitment by conscription enough young men or women.

Because at the moment so there is some uncertainty, the most gloomy scenarios are circulating of an army that will have significant, despite the planned reduction is not enough troops. In this context, emerged even among members of parliament to the idea, not whether it can be dispensed with a German passport, because if a suitable candidate to knock on the barracks gate, or a German citizenship may be filed even as a reward for military service in prospect.

Although that's the idea of a minority, the majority of foreign and security policy makers rejected the idea and warns against the model of a Foreign Legion, as France holds herself. But the limits of imagination in search of the young have become broad. Last swearing in of recruits, the recruits here Werrratal Barracks - 12,500 The total was also necessary, even if the horror stories of an army without soldiers exaggerated.

The Bundeswehr is so long accustomed to look for more than half of its staff on the "free market". Time and professional soldiers are recruited in large part via so-called young centers, including millions on advertising in the media, the troops are not an invention of time after the draft.

The advertising budget was only € 4.5 million in 2010 increased to 5.2 million euros this year. In the army one is convinced that the number of candidates gained so far in this direction will remain at a stable level. A reason for a change arises due to the elimination of conscription is not, especially since the troops will be reduced and the scope is currently being reduced in proportion to the team ranks high number of officers with the saying "less chiefs and more Indians".

The difficulty comes later. A third of all soldiers who have done so far more than just the basic military service were found in the way of so-called internal recruitment. They performed their military service and decided this time to stay longer. Many were FWDLer how the armed forces with their tendency to abbreviations calls them voluntary military service providers.

Stay up to four years as enlisted and go into the foreign missions. Other adopted during the military service to become regular soldiers. Since military service is suspended, are young men and women written to and can choose whether they go to the army recruiting office to talk about a voluntary stay with the army or to simply answer the letter to the paper.

For the latter decided the overwhelming majority of the saturated six-digit number Respondent. Only a small four-digit number, in April there were nearly 1,500 women and men, in total this year is not even 3000, elaborated on the offer of the Bundeswehr. That's not enough to meet the requirements permanent.

When in January the last time conscripts were drafted, there were 12,500. While stories now make the rounds that this or that battalion already suffering because not enough would conscripts. But that's not a dominant issue. For the foreign missions FWDLer play a limited role anyway. In Afghanistan, are currently just 26 of them.

It has also been given additional precaution Longer commitments, and many remain FWDLer anyway even beyond the year 2011, with the troops. For this and next year we can handle. The bigger problem is to gain long-term junior on the team plane. Dieter Dohmen is Director of the Research Institute for Education and Social Economy (FiBS).

His house is concerned just with the hard question of how the troops can get their offspring. "In the armed forces could play a significant personnel problem. After the end of compulsory military service must be included as an ordinary employer prove themselves on the market, "says Dohmen.

It is not that of professional soldiers would be unattractive for young people. The Berlin "trendence" Institute has asked for the year 2010, almost 16,000 students, whom they wanted as an employer. The survey was held between January and May of last year, would at a time, there's none of the students knew that conscription would soon disappear and no longer have to go to the Federal Army.

In the overall standings of the employer of choice, the army landed in third place after a private television station and the police. A year earlier, the Bundeswehr was still in eighth place. Particularly interesting is that this attractiveness was held in a period in which more and more reports of fallen soldiers arrived in Germany.

We knew then, what would he get involved with a decision for the soldiers and crafts. Among the male respondents managed the armed forces even topped the list of attractiveness, with women in ninth place after all. But the distinction "trendence" Institute after the school types. Since there is a clear message.

In high school, the Bundeswehr is less popular than real students. The best place as a potential employer does but in the general students. may therefore have those right, who fear an army, not with the state authority on the whole of society to access and withdraw her a cross-section is necessarily an army of the less educated? Again and again in recent years, the conscription officers and politicians in Germany have defended by pointing out that it was American, for example, in the professional army Sun The Ministry of Defence and the legislature to do at the moment, the evidence suggests the attractiveness of the employer to raise armed forces.

Even the former Minister Guttenberg had had put together a comprehensive package of measures. In particular there is more money for volunteer soldiers. Also to the professional and personal life of the soldier may be compatible with each other better. Minister de Maizière further pointed out that not only money but also the civic engagement should play a role.

However, it is easy to imagine that all this is not enough. FiBS Director Dohmen advises the army, therefore, to make a strategic decision, as it would position himself in the labor market. If she would only have the gutqualifizierten candidate, she must be an attractive employer. "You could also choose", says the expert, "specifically those with a lower formal qualification for a job and career opportunities to offer." There are young people who possess despite poor grades for the armed forces of great powers.

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