Monday, May 2, 2011

The rebels deny the death of the son of Gaddafi

The denunciation of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi's youngest son that he and three of her grandchildren were killed Saturday night in a NATO bombing in Tripoli is "a lie" of "propaganda", has said Jalal al Galal spokesman for the National Transitional Council (CNT), the highest body of the rebels. According to the rebels, "Gaddafi wants to push and to NATO" to stop its attacks on the capital and "demonstrate that the Alliance wants to kill you", as stated by the Libyan regime on several occasions when the Allied bombing raids reached their residence in Tripoli.

"We have not seen the bodies (of the dead) and told us the names of the grandchildren, who supposedly had died in an Allied bombing raid on the residence of Saif el Arab, the youngest son of Gaddafi, where their leader was with his wife, again according to the official version. "We are told that Gaddafi and his wife have managed to survive, but if the pictures show are true, no one could have survived," said the rebel representative.

State television broadcast on Saturday night footage of what it said was the home of Saif el Arab, which is seen badly damaged a building, with large holes in the walls and roof and collapsed a large extent. Galal defended NATO's performance and said that NATO "is attacking only military installations." In this regard, he stressed that if the Arab Saif was found in one of them during the bombing, the regime would have to give an explanation about it since it does not occupy any military post.

Gaddafi's son "could be dead but have died in other circumstances, including natural death, and he's sick," said spokesman CNT. For its part, British Prime Minister, David Cameron, said that the choice of targets in Libya by the NATO military officials meet the mandate of resolution 1973 Security Council United Nations.

"The policy goals of NATO and the alliance is quite clear. It is in line with UN resolution 1973, which deals with the prevention of loss of civilian life, aiming at Gaddafi's war machine" he said. Speaking to the BBC, Cameron added that the war machine "are obviously the tanks, machine guns and rocket launchers, but also command and control." Previously, NATO confirmed in a statement the attacks "accuracy" against military installations of the regime in Tripoli, but not the deaths of a son and three grandchildren of Libyan leader.

The organization specifically mentioned action against "a command and control building in the Bab al-Azizy" shortly after six pm on Saturday. "I am aware of unconfirmed press reports according to which some members of the Gaddafi family could have died," said Lt. Gen. Charles Bouchard, head of the military mission in Libya, in a statement.

The Canadian military is recalled that all NATO targets are military in nature and clearly linked to the regime's systematic attacks on the population Gaddafi and Libyan populated areas. "Do not aim at individuals," he adds. "We deplore all loss of life, especially innocent civilians who are injured as a result of the ongoing conflict.

NATO is carrying out its UN mandate to stop and prevent attacks against civilians with precision and care, not as Gaddafi's forces, which are causing so much suffering, "Bouchard added in the note. The Canadian general says he wants to remember back to Libya civilians to stay away as much as possible of the forces, military infrastructure equipment and Qaddafi regime known to reduce the potential danger to them.

In the West, Russia has distanced himself and has called for immediate cessation of hostilities in Libya and to start negotiations without preconditions, after denouncing the "excessive use of force" by the coalition, which in juicioo, beyond the Security Council mandate of the UN. In a statement released by her Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, called for "strict implementation of decisions adopted by the international community regarding the conflict Libyan immediate ceasefire" and the beginning of negotiations "without preconditions", something requested on Saturday Gaddafi himself, but was rejected by the rebels and allies.

Moreover, the official spokesman of the rebel army in Libya, Omar Ahmed Bany, valued positively the current NATO operations and assured that action will now mark the difference in the Libyan conflict, especially in Tripoli. Bany stressed that the strategy of the Alliance has changed in recent days and that the results achieved are positive.

From this change in strategy and its impact on the ground, Bany predicted that in about two weeks "we will see changes very good" in the situation in Libya. The intervention in the operations in Libya unmanned 'Predator', provided by the U.S., is "very important", since they can be very accurate when attacking a target, said the defector Colonel Gaddafi Aviation and now chief military spokesman for the insurgents.

"Gadhafi knows he can kill," said Bany, who neither confirmed nor denied that the Libyan leader's youngest son, Seif al-Arab, and three of his grandchildren had died in a NATO bombing in Tripoli last night, as secured Libyan state television, which showed footage of the building allegedly attacked.

Rebel military spokesman said the situation in Tripoli is changing, according to his contacts in the Libyan capital, where he said that "everyone is very pleased" by the Allied bombing of the past days. Still, Bany noted that, by virtue of his pilot, knows that air operations are very important, but warned that in the end are the ground troops that will have to "liberate the country", referring to the end of regime Gaddafi.

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