Monday, May 2, 2011

A GPS can locate a lost Mayan city in Guatemala

Madrid (Portaltic / EP) .- We can say that sometimes the GPS tracking devices spared any trouble to users, but this time its use has gone beyond. In Guatemala, a group of archaeologists has found a city of the Mayan civilization that has been hidden in the jungle thanks to one of these tracking devices.

As enshrined in the National Geographic magazine have discovered hundreds of old buildings that have been hidden for eight centuries. These buildings have been discovered in the midst of lush vegetation, virtually impenetrable, thanks to a three dimensional mapping using GPS and electronic measurements have yielded a map of the pyramid that was behind the vegetation.

Archaeologists have made several measurements of the elevations of the area using GPS data were converted into a detailed three-dimensional map. Located about 35 miles south, the pyramid of Holtun or stone head, having a size less than the best known big cities of this ancient civilization and in the words of Kathryn Reese-Taylor, a specialist in Maya Preclassic University Calgary (Canada) "this would not be New York or Los Angeles or Atlanta but Denver." With a size of 1 km in length, estimated to be inhabited by some 2,000 people and which arose from 600 a.

C. and 900 d. C. Via: National Geographic.

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