Monday, May 2, 2011

Morocco feared more terrorist attacks against tourist areas

Rabat - Following the bomb attack at a tourist cafe that left 16 dead Marrakesh, Morocco feared new attacks, as recognized by the Interior Minister Taieb Cherkaoui, quoted by local media in Rabat. "We must be vigilant" because the danger to suffer attacks has not happened yet, so they were strengthened security measures, the minister said.

King Mohamed VI visited the scene and went to the hospitals where they found the wounded. According to the researchers, after the bloodshed would be a branch of the international terrorist network Al Qaida in North Africa. The Moroccan authorities suspect may occur by this branch of Al Qaida more attacks in tourist areas or in government buildings.

The procedure bears the mark of the organization, said the minister. First there was talk of a suicide bombing, but later said it was an explosive detonated remotely. The terrorists used, according to media, the same explosive in the attacks in London in 2005. Police are looking for an image made from descriptions of a suspect seen with two young Arab bags for two witnesses in the coffee Argana of Marrakech.

It is possible that it was he who placed the bomb in the room and then would abscond. A few days ago, presumed members of Al Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) threatened in a video message on the Internet with attacks in the north African country, justifying the repression that have been suffering for years, Islamists in Morocco.

So far, 13 of the 16 deaths could be identified: they are seven French, two Moroccans, two Canadians, Dutch and British. Of the 25 injured, 14 remain hospitalized. The attack comes at a pro-democracy claims under demanding that King Mohamed VI announced constitutional reforms that cut their powers in favor of increased room for maneuver in parliament.

Groups of human rights defenders meanwhile expressed their fears that the bloodshed could trigger a wave of Islamic persecution by the police, as happened after the Casablanca bombings in 2003 that killed 45 people. Then, thousands of suspects were arrested.

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