Monday, May 2, 2011

John Paul II and is blessed

"We wish to host the Cardinal Agostino Vallini our brother, our vicar general for the diocese of Rome, many other brothers in the episcopate and of many faithful, after having received the opinion of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints with our apostolic authority, we grant that the venerable servant of God John Paul II, Pope, from now on be called blessed and your party can be held in places and under rules established by law, every year on 22 October.

" With these words pronounced in Latin, Benedict has raised to the altars to his immediate predecessor. In that he delivered the homily during Mass in St. Peter's Square, Benedict XVI has begun recalling how the last 6 years here were held the funeral of John Paul II, "and perceive that day the perfume of His Holiness, and the people of God manifested in many ways his reverence for him.

So I wanted to due respect for the rules of the Church, the cause of his beatification proceed with reasonable promptness. And behold, the awaited day has come, has come early because this was what the Lord wanted John Paul II is blessed. " The cause of Juan Pablo has been declared Blessed exactly six years and 29 days after his death.

Beatification is the fastest among all-time in modern history and would have to go back at least 500 years to find a beatification that is exceeded. In fact, for Benedict XVI to John Paul II abolished the rule requiring to wait 5 years after the death of a person to open his beatification.

Benedict XVI said that Pope John Paul II "is blessed by his faith, strong and generous apostolic." He stressed: "today shines before our eyes in front aa spiritual light of the risen Christ, loved and venerated figure of John Paul II. Today his name is added to the multitude of saints and blessed that he proclaimed during his nearly 27 years of pontificate ".

Ratzinger said that with his testimony of "faith, love and value Apostolic, accompanied by great humanity" John Paul II helped Christians around the world to not be afraid to call themselves Christians. "In a word: in fact helped to not be afraid of the truth." Benedict XVI also recalled the important role played Karol Wojtyla in the fall of communism.

"Karol Wojtyla ascended the throne of Peter carrying the deep reflection between Marxism and Christianity, centered in man. His message was this: the man is the way of the Church and Christ is the way of man." But above all, Benedict XVI stressed that it was John Paul II who claimed to Christianity looks with hope of Marxism.

"That burden of hope that somehow was given to Marxism as the ideology of progress, he legitimately claimed responsibility for Christianity, restoring the true face of Hope." The Pope concluded his homily by thanking God for being able to work for a long time with the Blessed Pope John Paul II "when I called to Rome as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith for 23 years could be near him and increasingly worship him.

Their spiritual depth and wealth of their intentions held my services. The Lord was slowly stripped of everything, yet he was always like a 'rock', as Christ loved. "

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