Saturday, March 5, 2011

Some videos of women being raped in Afghanistan caused the bombing of Frankfurt

He acted alone, motivated by Islamist revenge. That is the conclusion reached by the Prosecutor in Karlsruhe after the first prosecution in the case of Kosovo of 21 years on Wednesday killed two U.S. soldiers shot and seriously wounded two others in the Frankfurt airport. During interrogation, the perpetrator, Arid Uka said he had seen some videos on YouTube in which it is claimed that American soldiers raped Muslim women in Afghanistan and acted out of revenge.

Just 10 hours after the event, teams of the CIA and the FBI landed in Frankfurt to cooperate in the investigation and were able to determine that indeed, the murderer (a young man born in Mitrovica but has lived all his life in Germany) acted alone, not part of any terrorist cell or network had contacts with Islamists considered dangerous.

In any case, the federal prosecutor Monika Harms confirmed that it would be a terrorist, Islamist nature, which is the first fatal attack in Germany since the Sept. 11, what exactly were prepared in this country. After researching on your personal computer, has proved that his contacts in Facebook rub the advocacy of terrorism, but research now focuses on weapons and plenty of ammunition at his disposal.

In Uka Facebook page, the phrase: "No God but God and Mohammed is his prophet", written in Arabic on a map of Kosovo as their profile picture. Uka confessed to the first interrogation, during which he showed an ideology of "radical Islamist." They are also being interrogated his family and friends, while all information is transferred in real time to U.S.

authorities. Uka Arid grew up in a nice neighborhood of immigrants in Frankfurt as the son of a family from Kosovo, ethnic Albanian, relatively prosperous and not particularly religious. According to German police sources related to the case, "this is a group determined more by its approach to the United States for attending the mosque." At present working on a temporary contract for the Postal Service in Germany.

A federal judge in Karlsruhe ordered detention at prison for two counts of murder and three of attempted murder pending further investigation. Meanwhile, the U.S. Air Force has identified the pilots killed as Nicholas J. Alden, the state of South Carolina, and Zachary R. Cuddeback, Virginia.

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