Saturday, March 5, 2011

Several police officers abused me

"I can not forget his tattoo. What was the man who abused me. I'm very bad. I can not even think about it. How could something like this happen?" I myself I can not believe it. Now I feel the pain I went through. At that I spent a lot of fear high ...". These are the statements of TDS, 32, who claims to have been raped by "men of state." The announcement was made Wednesday with a joint statement by public prosecutor Giovanni Ferrara and the provincial chief of the 'Carabinieri', Maurizio Mezzavilla, as reported by several Italian media on Friday.

The facts relate to the night of Wednesday 23 February. SDT, a mother of 32, was arrested after robbing a store in downtown Rome. Police officers moved the woman to the police station 'Quadrato', in the east of the capital. As the woman says, there was in a cell when three players, along with a friend (a traffic cop), drunk, opened the door, forcing her to accompany the dining room where allegedly repeatedly abused her.

The woman was able to provide details of the body of one of the military tattoo, which would involve an agent. Also, the woman went to a hospital in a state of 'shock' and suffering 'pain'. There, a doctor could confirm that there was evidence that the woman had sex but did not show clear marks of violence.

'It is an abuse on those who were deprived of their liberty in a state of physical and psychological inferiority, "said prosecutor Maria Monteleone, who is investigating the officers. For now, the police officers involved have admitted that there was sex, but violence is not enforced, although there are many who think that there can be consensus between a woman and a man arrested 'free'.

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