Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mass massive protests by Shahbaz Bhatti from Islamabad Christian

Pakistani police on Friday to extremes security measures in Islamabad, where a crowd attended the Mass for Minorities Minister, Shahbaz Bhatti, killed two days ago, and where Christians held demonstrations in his favor. The ceremony in a church in Islamabad attended by senior government officials, including Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, who said: "All minorities have lost a great leader.

I assure you that we will try to secure guilty justice. " The Christian community was eliminated in the Pakistani capital Bhatti, whose coffin was taken to his hometown, Khuspur near Faisalabad in eastern Punjab province, where he will be buried. After the religious ceremony, small groups of Pakistanis staged protests in favor of the Catholic Minority minister, an ardent defender of minorities and critic of anti-blasphemy laws.

Riot police were deployed to monitor the protesters and police stepped up the usual roadblocks. Bhatti was murdered two days ago by gunmen in a suburb of Islamabad, nearly two months after a bodyguard killed the governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer, is also critical to the blasphemy laws. His death has rekindled the debate about the ability of Islamists to impose their will but also on the few security measures that have some officials.

At the time of his assassination, Bhatti had no bodyguards and armor car. Pakistani Interior Minister, Rehman Malik, insisted in recent days that the event is not attributable to a failure of security forces and said the minister did not take precautions despite being long in the target of fundamentalists.

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