Saturday, March 5, 2011

Appear Mubarak in Cairo by a corruption case

New York .- The former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who is believed still at his residence in Sharm el Sheikh, will be taken to Cairo next week for questioning in corruption, as indicated to CNN the former MP Mustafa Bakri. Bakri, who filed a complaint against Mubarak and other senior officials, has been informed of this filing by the attorney general's office Thursday.

The Egyptian general prosecutor, Abdel Magid Mahmoud, ordered on Monday to freeze the assets of Mubarak and his family and forbidden to leave the country. According to former deputy, the Mubarak family have secret accounts worth nearly $ 150 million. "I filed the documents for corruption on Sunday night and Monday morning I was asked the attorney general's office," said CNN.

"The general prosecutor himself analyzed the documents in my possession and then issued its order prohibiting Mubarak and his family travel and freezing their assets," he added. Yesterday, the Mubarak family had sent to the independent daily "Al Masri al Youm 'through an attorney a statement denouncing have been" several attempts to discredit and damage the reputation of the former president.

" "These false accusations have been spread by the media without checking its accuracy," he lamented. However, Bakri says that the documents submitted to the Attorney General "are the first solid evidence and concrete illegally amassed wealth by Mubarak and his family." The former president resigned on 11 February after 30 years in power.

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