Saturday, March 5, 2011

Libya: Tripoli fighting and shooting in

In Tripoli, supporters and opponents of President Gaddafi have clashed. Front of a mosque in the city of the Libyan capital after Friday prayers were over a thousand opponents of the regime and Qadhafi supporters with fists at each other. One side said: "The people want the overthrow of Colonel (Gaddafi)." Cried the other side ".

The people want Muammar, the Colonel," Gaddafi loyal militiamen, the green arm bands wore shot, according to eyewitnesses in the air to drive the opponents of the regime. The districts Tadschura and Souk al-Jumaa, in which there were also major anti-regime protests, according to eyewitnesses, now surrounded by Gadhafi troops with tanks.

Since there are regular days in Tripoli to arrest. The bodies of people who had disappeared suddenly, were often dumped in the street later. Video images show that militias driving at night with off-road vehicles through the neighborhoods and kidnap opposition from their homes. "As we speak, are all around us agents who are watching us closely," said a resident of the Associated Press.

In fighting between the protest movement and the troops loyal to Gaddafi in the city zawiya are, according to a witness on Friday at least 18 people were killed. 120 people were injured. Regime loyal troops had Sawija attacked from two sides, said the informant, who was in a hospital. The city will continue but held by the protest movement.

The approximately 50 kilometers west of Tripoli Sawija was in the past few days are a target of attacks Gaddafi. An explosion at an ammunition depot near the hold of government opponents are Libyan city of Benghazi hospital after data on Friday at least 17 people died. The force of the blast had hit houses in the neighborhood, the death toll could rise even more so, doctors said.

The American President, Barack Obama said to the deployment of aircraft. The American government wants to hire in addition to using military planes for Libya-Egyptian refugees in addition civil machines to other foreigners who had fled from Libya back to their home countries. Moreover, Americans would be sent to the Libyan border, to support the UN and other international organizations in humanitarian operations within the country, Obama said Thursday in Washington.

France also announced that fly out refugees from Tunisia. In the operation under UN auspices will probably also involve other European countries. With the help of German and other ships, according to Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle within the next few days to about 4,000 Egyptians returned from the Mediterranean to their home.

The border between Libya and Tunisia is now guarded, according to the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) on the Libyan side by heavily armed pro-government troops, which would significantly slow down the stream of refugees. The agency fears that the security situation could prevent the flight of many people.

Many people who had crossed the border, told, then, that they had been taken off cell phones and cameras. Many are so scared that they would do nothing to tell. Along the Libyan border with Tunisia, there is "every checkpoint." On the Tunisian side of the border with Libya were waiting, according to the UNHCR on Friday also about 12,500 people to their rescue.

Gaddafi loyal troops had attacked again on Thursday with fighters from rebel-controlled towns in the east of the country. (See also: Libya: access warplanes again Brega oil port on) took the International Criminal Court in The Hague on Thursday to investigations against the Gaddafi regime.

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