Saturday, March 5, 2011

The telephone company sends SMS Libyan against foreigners

The Libyan public telephone company has been sending SMS to encourage those who receive them to attack foreigners in Libya, accused in the message of "wanting to sow chaos" and "destroy" the country, according to several witnesses, as has verified France Presse. The messages have been broadcast by Libyana, the state telephone company.

Several Egyptian refugees at the airport of Djerba (south of Tunis) who fled Libya showed these messages on their mobile phones. Posted on February 19 to 11 hours, one of those messages is very explicit: "The foreign infiltrators, Tunisians, Egyptians, Sudanese, with passports from the Gulf countries have foreign money and equipment and sophisticated communication networks.

This shows clearly the extent of the plot that we prepare against the Libyans. These enemies want to sow chaos and destroy the country and block the reform processes. " Moreover, in recent days, several witnesses recount how in Libya are occurring attacks against foreigners, especially against the Egyptians and Tunisians.

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