Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dozens killed in heavy fighting in Zawiyah

The Libyan insurgents have launched a frantic race to conquer Ras Lanuf, the relevant oil enclave. In the port there are already strong clashes between troops loyal to Muammar Gaddafi and the rebels, but they never cease to be adding fans to their ranks, to finally join forces and take control of Ras Lanuf, once 'conquered' the other major oil terminal: Brega.

At noon on Friday, there were no clashes between the two sides in the impoverished village of Egalia, epicenter yesterday dramatic moments and tension, like catch young Africans, accusing them, at gunpoint, of being mercenaries. The rebels have advanced in recent hours about 30 miles, heading towards Ras Lanuf.

In the day today, are crossing lawless desert in order to star in the final battle for oil enclave. Throughout the morning, the air force bombed Brega Libyan dictator and a military base in Ajdabiya and an arms depot in Ejdabia. The latter is one of the largest in the country and, curiously, is under attack for several days, a bomb hit it.

Coinciding with these events in the east, in Tripoli, convened to mark the 'Friday of Wrath', anti-Gaddafi demonstrators were dispersed "tear gas" and even "fire", according to testimony collected by Reuters in the Libyan capital itself. Meanwhile, dozens of civilians have died in clashes between troops loyal to Qadhafi and the rebels, who seek to maintain control over the city of Zawiyah, relatively close to Tripoli.

Among others, the rebel commander in charge of the population have died in the offensive.

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