Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tunisia calls for constituent elections for July 24

Tunisia. .- The interim president of Tunisia, Fouad Mebaza, announced in a televised speech the call for elections to a Constituent Assembly on 24 July. The constituents draw up a new constitution and renew the two assemblies with the goal of "enshrine the aspirations of the Tunisian people and their revolution," said interim president in his speech.

The Tunisian president said that "it will announce a new interim government will work until it is operating the constitutional council, which will be" elected by the citizens in a free and fair elections for the first time in American history. " Mebaza added that "it will draft a new electoral law before the end of the month" and said that "the electoral process is being organized at the same time," but gave no details about it.

Tunisian President argued that "the Constitution does not respond to the new aspirations of the people nor can consolidate real democracy" to justify the development of a new one. Mebaza insisted that all political, union, and representatives of civil society are working together to "foster the transition process, while all agree that" there are attempts by certain entities to sow violence, imbalance and fear.

" Finally, adding that the security problem is getting better but, he pointed out due to the influence of the state of neighboring sister country, Libya, in the south is more complicated. "

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