Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gaddafi's son rejects Chavez's mediation proposal

London. .- The son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Said el Islam Gaddafi, today rejected the proposal by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, to establish an international mediation to help resolve the conflict in the country. In an interview with British broadcaster Sky News news, said Gadhafi was not aware of the Venezuelan proposal, but forcefully rejected a possible international mediation.

"I know nothing about it. It is as if I were to facilitate an agreement in the Amazon," Gaddafi said in remarks taped inside the vehicle with which the son of Colonel Gaddafi led a team of this chain street Tripoli. Venezuelans, he said, "are our friends and we respect them and we like, but they are far and have no idea." "Libya is in the Middle East and North Africa, and Venezuela is in Latin America.

Thank you, thank you. They are our friends. It's a nice gesture, but we can solve our problems. There is no need for foreign intervention" he said. Said statements contradict Islam Gaddafi claims of the Government of Caracas, said today that the Libyan leader and the Arab League are studying the proposal by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, to create an international commission of countries to seek a solution to conflict.

The Communication Minister Andres Izarra, told Efe that both the Libyan Government as the multilateral mechanism "are studying the proposal, as stated by himself (Amro) Musa, secretary general of the Arab League. The pan-Arab organization's spokesman, Hisham Youssef, meanwhile said that "consultations are under way and still no decision has been taken" on the issue.

The Venezuelan president launched yesterday, Monday, the proposal to form an international commission to dialogue with the warring parties in Libya and prevent the shedding of more blood. Chavez, who spoke on Tuesday with Qaddafi, as reported yesterday by Minister of Communications, made the proposal after the United States mobilized its fleet in the Mediterranean, warning that an invasion of that country would be a "catastrophe." "I am sure many governments will agree, in seeking a political formula, instead of sending marines and aircraft," Chavez said, accusing the United States and Europe of being "crazy" by the Libyan oil.

The French foreign minister, Alain Juppe, rejected Chavez's offer, saying "any mediation that will allow Colonel Qaddafi succeed himself is not welcome." Gaddafi's son has also denied that bombed civilians in Brega, a town in eastern Libya where the main oil exporting port in the country, Gaddafi said "the militia wanted to control the port" and that this is something that the Libyan Government can not consent, because it is a key infrastructure for the country's economy.

"The bombs were thrown to the militia to withdraw. We can not stop the militia that controls Brega, is like letting you control the port of Rotterdam," he said. In addition, he denounced a campaign of misinformation about what happened in Libya over the past 10 days and cited information from the network Al Jazeera, which said the Tayura neighborhood, east of Tripoli, had been bombed.

Gaddafi shows that neighborhood Sky News team and invites you to find any indication that there have been bombings. "There is an aggressive campaign against us," said the Libyan leader's son Max, who is confident that with the arrival in recent days of foreign journalists "will be the truth."

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