Saturday, March 5, 2011

Exchange of fire in Tripoli, hitherto the bastion of Gaddafi

Throughout the day have been heard several shots in the Libyan capital, the result of fighting between loyalist troops and rebels Qaddafi, who demonstrated in Tripoli, shouting: "Gaddafi is the enemy of God." Protesters have spread around the city from Adha Murat mosque in the district east of Tripoli, after Friday prayers.

Several hundred began to sing to end forty years of Gadhafi's government. "They have used tear gas. I heard shooting. People are scattered," said a Reuters reporter. Another journalist moved to the border with the district said Tajoura hearing heavy gunfire as a convoy of 14 Toyota SUV, with security forces on board, was going through a checkpoint to the protest site.

Tripoli is the main strength of Gaddafi since he gave comeinzo rejecting his government riots. The authorities have always tried to present it as a city where the Queen normally, although the situation is far from being well. "This is the end of Gaddafi. No more. Forty years of crimes are more than enough" shouts Faragher Salim, an engineer Tajoura protest.

Moreover, about 50 km west of the capital of Libya, Gaddafi forces have tried to stop those who attended the prayer of the vienres. There has been an exchange of fire and it seems that two Libyan dictator's army were killed. "They are trying to prevent people to join Friday prayers. Our people have been surrounded in western Zawiyah," said a witness.

The authorities are trying to prevent foreign media of communication independently report on the protests in Tripoli. A spokesman for the Libyan government has stated that the movements of journalists are being restricted because their presence could spark violence of what he described as members of Al Qaeda.

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