Saturday, March 5, 2011

Meets U.S. troops in their military base on the Greek island of Crete

United States has highlighted several military aircraft and military base in Suda, on the Greek island of Crete in the southeastern Mediterranean, within a preparedness plan for an eventual mission to Libya. This was explained today in Athens a Defense Ministry source who requested anonymity Greek. "Suda Currently there are six American C-130 aircraft, two C-160 Germans and two United States RC 135," the source said referring to news about movements of troops and materiel in Greece.

A detachment of 400 U.S. Marines arrived Wednesday at the base of Suda from the U.S. to be transferred to warships in the Mediterranean. "The United States has no troops in Libya and is on alert," a U.S. embassy spokeswoman in Athens, in connection with the arrival in Crete of those Marine Corps units.

The embassy reported that "The U.S. is mobilizing troops and naval material in the region, to be prepared to give options to the president" (Barack Obama), the spokesman added. Another source of the Greek Government said today "are deployed in the Mediterranean naval warships with four Americans, two Germans, four French, four Italians and one Chinese."

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