Friday, June 3, 2011

Snipers and Syrian security forces kill 11 civilians in Rastan

Syrian forces on Thursday killed more than a dozen civilians in Rastan, according to reports from human rights activists. This is the fifth day of siege experienced by the city in central Syria and in whose streets have expressed their citizens against the regime of Bashar Assad. It is estimated that a total of 15 people were killed by snipers and security forces when they attacked several neighborhoods in the town of 60,000 inhabitants and located north of Homs.

In total, 52 civilians were killed and another 200 have been arrested since the army began to attack Syrian town Sunday. "Security officers in military uniforms take everything they see: refrigerators, televisions, cars ...", stated Tillaoui Abu Talala, witnessed the event. No one can enter or leave the city, according to witnesses who say that another town in the south of Rastan, called Talbisseh, is beginning to suffer the same way violence.

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