Friday, June 3, 2011

Former Mossad chief took the floor in opposition to an attack on Iran

Meir Dagan has always been known to speak little. When in 2002 he became head of Mossad, this rare quality in a country like Israel has become an obligation renumbered. After nine years in the shadows and giving his opinion only on the forums more restricted and secret, Dagan is now considered "compelled" to speak.

And to criticize, warn and advise on public controversy and provoking the anger of the Israeli government, aware of the strength of each word that comes from the mouth of the former spy number one. "The current situation in Israel is similar to the days before Yom Kippur War. I do not want another war in my mind as of 73.

I can not shut up," he said last night in a ceremony at Tel Aviv University referring to the surprise offensive from various Arab countries against Israel. Dagan oppose an Israeli military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities. Prefer more discreet methods. Mossad methods. "There is no discussion about the importance of the Iranian nuclear threat and everyone understands that the day will have nuclear weapons.

The discussion is how to avoid it," he said before adding: "We have the ability to completely stop the Iranian nuclear program. In the best just freeze. And not because the Air Force can not get there and act but because if a country is determined to possess nuclear weapons, it will prevent any attacks.

There are other methods that may delay it. The consequence of an attack is a regional war and a military challenge to Israel that I think is intolerable. "His message is clear:" I advise the prime minister not to take the decision of an attack. It is important to check all possible alternatives and not directly choose the military option.

I know of no attack program in 2011 or 2012. "Former Mossad chief said that the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah" has a superior military power than in many countries "and suggests that in a confrontation" Israel will attack Hezbollah targets in Syria. "From his words in public shows their fear of a military strike ordered by the chief minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

Otherwise, and if not because you want to start a political career, not understands that former Mossad chief is so complete and prone to speaking in public. On the Palestinian scene, recognized the "dilemma" at the junction of Al Fatah with the Islamist Hamas ("part of the Palestinian entity does not recognize the State of Israel ") even advised to wait because he believes that the two Palestinian groups have deep differences.

Nothing suspicious of being a pacifist, Dagan required" to adopt the Saudi peace initiative "based on the return to the 67 borders, including East Jerusalem, to exchange for normalization with Arab countries: "Israel must take the initiative to the Palestinians. We have no choice and we agree with them on behalf of Israel and guarantee its continued existence.

"Minister without portfolio, Yossi Peled, believes that" excess verbiage Dagan is irresponsible and damaging to Israel. "

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