Friday, June 3, 2011

Mladic, entered a prison hospital in The Hague

Barcelona (Editorial and agencies) .- Ratko Mladic is admitted to the prison hospital in The Hague which is under surveillance since Tuesday was transferred from Belgrade. The former Bosnian Serb general faces Friday at his first hearing before the judges of the Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, where he read the charges brought against him and will have the opportunity to plead guilty or innocent of them.

In the first speech, Mladic will be defended by counsel Serbian Aleksander Aleksic. The tribunal's chief prosecutor, Serge Brammertz of Belgium, read the indictment to Mladic, some charges have been reduced since the arrest of fifteen to eleven, including the crime of genocide over the Srebrenica massacre and war crime the siege of Sarajevo.

In his first statement, the judges will observe the physical state of Mladic, who said yesterday one of his lawyers in Belgrade has cancer. "He is sick for a long time," said Milos Saljic yesterday, former Bosnian Serb general counsel for the daily Press. Saljic explained that the person accused of genocide in Srebrenica "is bald and has red skin due to chemotherapy." However, both the Serbian Institute of Oncology and the Belgrade Military Hospital, the major cancer treatment centers in Serbia, have denied that Mladic was his patient in 2009.

Mladic's family tried to delay his extradition to The Hague on the grounds of his poor health from a stroke he suffered in years and suffering from various chronic diseases. Ratko Mladic was arrested in Belgrade by Serbian police a week ago and transferred to The Hague on Tuesday, where he is being held in prison in Scheveningen, in a residential area close to the court.

If Mladic is guilty simply set another hearing to determine his sentence, although past interventions Mladic evade any responsibility for the slaughter of Srebrenica suggest that if it makes a statement will be to claim his innocence. The third option would be tomorrow morning Mladic did not appear.

In this case, another hearing rescheduled within thirty days. It is a delaying tactic of the process also used the war crimes trial in The Hague, Radovan Karadzic

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