Friday, June 3, 2011

The street battles come north of Sana'a and Taiz sow chaos

Thousands of tribal fighters trying to take the Yemeni capital Sanaa on Thursday, where clashes between supporters of Ali Abdullah Saleh and his detractors have reached a critical point. Meanwhile, they have become to mobilize demonstrations against the regime of Saleh for Friday, both in the capital and in Taiz, the main city in the south west, which was broken up a permanent protest on Monday by police.

This action took about 50 dead. According to tribal leaders, thousands of fighters coming from the high plateau joined the head of the tribes Hached, Sadel Ahmar, who is facing government troops in the government district of Al Hasaba. Along the way, the tribes have fought pro Saleh's forces in a military facility in Al Azraqein, about 15 miles north of Sanaa, according to these leaders.

The aircraft has flown at low altitude to intimidate the armed fighters, according to testimony. For the third consecutive night, armed clashes have occurred between men Ahmar and President Saleh's forces in the Al Hasaba, north of Sanaa. Saleh sent to battle special forces, well trained and educated in the fight against terrorism, say witnesses.

"We heard ambulances evacuating the wounded throughout the night and saw a column of smoke rising from the seat of the General People's Congress (the ruling party)," said one resident who did not dare to go out. According to hospital sources, 16 people, including a seven year old girl, have died before dawn.

Furthermore, they claim that they are already 63 people balance within ten days of fighting in Sanaa. Most of the dead are fighters, yes, on both sides. "Bodies line the streets of Al Hasaba, but the ambulances can not reach by the violence of the shootings," said a doctor. Violence grows in Sana'a, where the exodus of residents has been exacerbated by a lack of water.

Electricity is being rationed commodities become scarce. "If the fighting longer, is to Yemen," said Mohsen Sinan, a septuagenarian who was with the 30 family members - 20 of them children - ready to go. In Taiz, 270 kilometers south of the capital, armed opposition has been filed for the first time without knowing who they are, against government forces, say witnesses.

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