Friday, June 3, 2011

Ten days in jail for using the toilet Mugabe

It is not clear if sacrilege or impairment of facilities, but the Zimbabwean Alois Mabhunu Sergeant was sentenced to ten days in jail, after spending three weeks and stopped at a police station, to use a toilet reserved for the President Robert Mugabe. "He yielded to the call of nature forced the guards to turn away and went into the bathroom only installed for the enjoyment of the 87-year old leader in the International Trade Fair in Bulawayo," said South African newspaper Mail & Guardian.

According to public radio has done in Zimbabwe, although the detainee has applied for leniency to the police superintendent, he has departed from the police service and is prohibited in civilian dress (it seems that teach ways to keep). From the police station where he works has been limited to issuing a note saying: "The case Mabhunu is an internal matter." It is the first case of Zimbabwean citizens who report discriminatory treatment by altering the lives of its chairman.

Several motorists reported being beaten up by Mugabe's security personnel for not being diligent about giving way to the presidential motorcade. In any case, it seems that Zimbabwe bathrooms and roads can remain the preserve of Mugabe if as stated by the same agent again this week presented a hypothetical election to be this year.

"I do it for the sake of my party, Zanu PF and the country," he said. However, within Zanu PF has started an open battle in which the first member of the group are openly questioning the appropriateness of the Mugabe again be a candidate. "His candidacy disengaged more training," said one provincial leader this week.

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