Friday, June 3, 2011

IRELAND - A royal visit is highly symbolic

It is "a time of healing," the salute in a Dublin newspaper, the most widely read of all Irish newspapers. Queen Elizabeth II arrived May 17 for an expected visit to Ireland, the first by a British monarch since independence in 1921. She went to the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin and bowed before the monument to the heroes who died for Ireland, "a symbolic act of historic reconciliation," the newspaper said.

"Of course, history can not be obliterated, nor forgotten," he wrote in an editorial. "The campaign, for now in vain, so that London is opening its archives on the bombings in Dublin and Monaghan [there occurred exactly thirty-seven, 17 May 1974, some accused the British secret services of having Sponsored] is there to remind us.

The difficult task of healing the wounds of the past is not finished, but the future that lies before us will be well done healing, not pain. "

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