Friday, June 3, 2011

An attack on the border with Afghanistan leaves 60 dead

At least 60 people have died since Tuesday in an attack some 170 militants against a police checkpoint in a remote area of northwestern Pakistan near the Afghan border, police said. Among the dead there are 22 police officers and other security force separate from the Army, 'Levies', between 35 and 40 insurgents and three women, according to a police source in Upper Dir district, where fighting took place .

The source said the clashes, which began at dawn on Tuesday and ended Wednesday, the group erupted when insurgents crossed the Afghan border and attacked the checkpoint security forces in the town of Shaltalo. At first it was reported a large number of casualties among the Pakistani police and not those killed in the insurgent camp.

Several police sources in Upper Dir district explained that the authorities had trouble getting information about the event armed because of the precariousness of communication networks in the area. Police and security forces formed from the tribal population in these areas, as is the case of this contingent attacked by the Taliban, they tend to be less well equipped than the regular army.

Pakistan's Dir demarcation is very near the eastern Afghan province of Nuristan, where last week the Taleban took control of the region for several hours after launching an armed assault involving some 500 insurgents, according to Afghan officials. The attacks claimed by Taliban and army reprisals in the form of specific offensive against insurgents are common in the northwestern province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and in the tribal areas bordering Afghanistan.

A German soldier was killed Wednesday and five injured in varying degrees in a bomb blast that hit his armored vehicle while on patrol 36 kilometers south of the town of Kunduz in northern Afghanistan. A spokesman for the German Defence Ministry in Berlin confirmed the death of the soldier in the attack, which seriously wounded two other soldiers, while three others suffered minor injuries.

The explosion of the bomb, which apparently had been placed at the roadside, there was a height Anarchel town in the district of Baghlan and Markasi. Germany's Defense Ministry reported that the attacks occur just started a rescue operation by a medical team.

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