Friday, June 3, 2011

BRAZIL - The head of football is Ronaldo!

One of the best players in the history of football, Ronaldo, nicknamed "Il Fenomeno", is also a champion of marketing. Few athletes have had so many advertising contracts and sponsorship, and even rarer are those who have demonstrated such a flair for working in the business world. Now, Ronaldo wants to use her many talents in the field to watch over the career of football stars.

Within a month of existence, its business, 9ine, already has in his tablets the principal figures of the new generation of Brazilian football. Neymar, the star of Santos [in the State of São Paulo], was officially hired by the agency of Ronaldo, and Lucas, who became an idol there is little in São Paulo, just being in his turn.

Paulo Henrique Ganso player of Santos and for many future Seleção number 10 in the World 2014 [to be held in Brazil], he recently met with Ronaldo. An agreement is not reached, but it's just a matter of time. It not exaggerating if we say that the constellation of stars taken by the 9ine makes Ronaldo the new boss of Brazilian football.

"The 9nine a concept based on exclusivity, that is to say that we work with only the best athletes," the best scorer of the World Cup. Ronaldo is not alone. You can find his side of WPP, the largest communications group in the world, and Marcos Buaiz, a businessman of the night (Ronaldo and WPP have, each, 45% of the total shares and Buaiz owns the rest).

According to Ronaldo, the 9ine has nothing to do with the agencies and impresarios dealing transactions between clubs and players. The 9ine deals only with the image management of players and attract sponsors for their foals. "We are partners and agents we will not intervene in the same area as them," he says.

Our goal is to maximize the player's career. "It is simple to understand. If Barcelona wants to recruit Neymar, he'll contact his agent, and not Ronaldo. The latter, meanwhile, is trying to win contracts for sponsorship Neymar and thus earns a percentage each time that his approach is successful.

The arrival of Ronaldo in the middle has caused some agitation. Many businessmen in the sector felt threatened by his presence. The former goalkeeper of the Seleção, Gilmar Rinaldi, now one of the agents most influential players of Brazil, has even hinted that Ronaldo had baited striker Adriano and his recruitment to the Corinthians [club São Paulo] had been made behind his back (interest Adriano are managed for many years by Gilmar Rinaldi).

Ronaldo defended himself by saying he was a longtime friend of Adriano and, thanks to its good relations with the Corinthians, he brought the club's player. Another major agent, Wagner Ribeiro, himself has adopted a different attitude. Insightful, he has avoided conflict with someone as influential as Ronaldo.

Last April, Ribeiro has signed a contract allowing the 9ine manage the image of nearly 50 players who are under his control. "The 9ine will complete my work as an agent, said Ribeiro. We will be very good partners. "Ronaldo has great ambitions for his new company. Recognized and respected in many countries it claims to attract cracks in world football.

One, the Dutchman Seedorf, AC Milan, is currently negotiating his transfer to Corinthians. In this case, Ronaldo would act as a de facto agent, countering the official line that the 9ine is only a marketing firm. Stars of other sports are in his sights. The fighter Anderson Silva, champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and integrates the window of the 9ine.

A relationship that has already borne fruit for this athlete. Not long ago, Bozzano [a brand of beauty products for men] has used the image of Silva. This is an example of the power of marketing Ronaldo. The corporate world is also a target for 9ine. AmBev [one of the major beverage producers in Brazil] and GSK [U.S.-British company, the world pharmaceutical industry] have used the agency to Ronaldo.

All this proves that he will continue to be a "phenomenon" of marketing.

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